It's just a black box. A silent, glass, dark black box. And it's among the best workstations in terms of a total value proposition for the less than $5000 professional crowds.

See, Daedalus built this box in the center of a labyrinth of rules and regulations called the Circulars of Purchasing by NonProfits Using Federal Grant Awards. She was given all the gifts of creation. And you can open it.

Designed for 5-10 years continuous use at professional levels.

12 core, 4.2 Ghz Ryzen 3900x - do everything all at once.

64 gb C16 3200 ram (clock still needs tuning as of 1/22/20) - open 100 windows with a dozen programs and switch between them near instantly.

GeForce RTX 2080 Super OC w/ 8gb Ram - powers the monitor to do all the video stuff at native 5120x1440 resolution.

The almost 4 foot curved QLED monitor. Bright enough for daylight offices, soft enough for extended sessions. In a billion colors.

All the software (if you're a non-profit, ) -

Windows 10 pro

Office 2019

Adobe Creative Cloud - All Applications for $20/mo

1 year Norton Deluxe

Double internet - two ethernet controllers for up to 10 Gbit transfers.

Unparalleled energy efficiency - Runs cool. Silent. And with 40-50 minutes uninterruptible battery power for everything under normal use.

Breathe easy - Dustproof fan filters, and a 99.97% small particle HEPA filter w/ UV light for a 160 sq ft room.

A professional desk piece - just a dark glass cube but for 4 little lights, one for each major component to see that it's on.

Insured/warranty for 3-4 years

Parts rated for 10-17yrs

But if you want to add another graphics card and overclock everything all components have big heat sinks, and the system can push more than 1000 cfm of clean air over all component surfaces, to guarantee it stays cool.

Comparable system from Apple runs $12,000+ for just the hardware and doesn't come with any of the extras.

Except for the Batman symbol. That's not included.

2/5/20 Upgrade Update

Beyond the displayed purchase price, a universal rail mount system has been purchased for adding additional hard drives, controllers, and graphics card support with pre-threaded cabling, along with a drawer for the paperwork/recovery usb, so I don't ever have to disassemble anything to add anything with everything anyone might need already in the case.

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  • 19 days ago
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Quite the bold claim w/ your build title. I admire your courage. I like your write-up. Original and not too long.

I would have gone for 16 cores, 3600 MHz RAM and PCI 4 storage before investing in that massive display. Enjoy!

  • 12 days ago
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Thanks for the comment. The Pcie 4 drive was the only real mistake, the 1tb rocket had just come out and I missed that - I pulled the trigger on black friday weekend and had to deal with things selling out / make some design commits quickly. The 4x16 3600 Ram kits are like twice as expensive (if you can even find them) as two 2x16 3200s which I'm betting will be stable at 3600 anyway when I get to that.

As for the monitor, it's one of the most amazing pieces of tech I have ever seen in person. I can have 14 pages of a word document open in 2 rows of 7 and be able to read it. I can have a teleconference open, with everybody's portraits, the presentation we are going through, several excel sheets for my reference, and a document to take notes, all at the same time. It can run 2 computers, and with my mouse I can copy paste across devices on the same screen. And as for gaming? Aside from the fact my boss absolutely prohibited me from gaming given I spent $5000 on it and work at a small charity driving seniors to medical appointments, here's a video from my phone of the monitor running Time Spy.

It's absolutely mind blowing.

  • 20 days ago
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  • 20 days ago
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That is something!