Built this to convert my husband (who obviously loves Overwatch) to the wonderful world of PC gaming. Also wanted it to be able to run VR since we have a Valve Index. I actually ended up building his an hers computers (other computer here: with mine having a little bit nicer hardware in it, so we've been stuck playing VR on it instead of this one.

Overall it was an easy build. The NZXT case was easy to work with and the manual for the mobo was pretty straight forward. The case fan exhausting at the top wasn't long enough the way NZXT has it grouped by default so I needed to separate that cable and run it differently. Power supply felt surprisingly nicer than I expected it to. IMO, the Cooler Master fan installation manual was a little unclear and the parts were kind of hard to sort. They threw all of the AMD and Intel mounts and screws into one back and it was kind of difficult to tell which ones you needed from the pictures.

I focused this build on being able to play Overwatch at a fairly high level of quality, so naturally, the first thing we did was test Overwatch. Everything seemed to work fine until we hooked up the antenna that comes with the mobo for the onboard Wi-Fi. As soon as that was in and the drivers were updated, Overwatch had an unbearable stutter. Removed antenna and everything worked fine again. Using a hardwired connection now and everything is perfect.

I read some reviews that said the mobo BIOS was kinda difficult to understand, but it seemed pretty straight forward to me. My ROG mobo actually seemed a little more difficult to navigate than this one.

Haven't tested VR on it yet but I'll come back and update when we do!

VR Update: Honestly, it feels like it runs just as well as my higher-end computer (linked in the first paragraph.) I haven't pushed its limits with a heavier game but on Beat Saber and BoxVR, it's doing well. I'll update again when we play something like modded Skyrim, Payday 2, or NMS on it.

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hey man you might want to have ur pc on the table the carpet will suck up the electricity and kill ur computer also hello fellow ow fan :D

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Perfect X-Mas gift 🎁

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