This was built with playing Skyrim and then The Elderscrolls Online, in mind. Along with several other games. All parts except some of the peripherals were purchased from All of the main components were based off of the hardware leaderboard at Specifically the low-end list. The SSD's were added after the build was finished.

I cannot say that I am entirely displeased with the end result. The games run smooth and video looks good. Although, I think that my previous build with the Radeon 7770 ran Skyrim better. Also, the system seems to hesitate from time to time when running under Win 8.1 Pro. Not sure what the issue is there.

The only issue that I ran into with this build is that most of the fan headers on the Gigabyte board were 4-pin. All of the case fans in the Rosewill Blackhawk tower are 3-pin connectors with some having Molex pass-throughs. I had to by an adapter to plug in some of the fans.

I also wasn't entirely pleased with Gigabytes UEFI Bios. The layout wasn't as clean or as useful as MSI's.

Update: Have been running this build for a few months now and noticed tearing and pausing in the graphics now when playing Skyrim. The game settings have been optimized using the AMD Gaming Evolved app, although I have extended the Actor Fade distance.


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