And AMD based media editing and gaming system, With a 256Gb OS SSD, a 500Gb SSD dedicated to games, and 5TB of HDD for all other storage needs (movies, music, tv ect). Many would say that the amount of storage is excessive, but the system gets used additionally as sort of a server for the rest of the household, so they can use the storage as well.

This list is the current and hopefully last (for a while at least) iteration of my PC. This was my first build, but I rushed into it a little and ended up with sub-par parts, such as a Asus motherboard that didn't have a USB3.0 header, which meant that I needed an adapter cable for the front USB's of my old Cooler Master mid-tower case which ended up being a nightmare case to build in, with no space behind the motherboard tray for cable management, and no rubber grommets on any of the cable routing holes. I also started with a 60Gb SSD for the OS, which proved to be far too small after a mere couple of months. The build started with an Asus GTX 760 which, when my motherboard shorted, had to be RMA's along with the board. In my impatience I ended up upgrading to an Asus GTX 770 and used the RMA'd 760 in a build I did for my brother. Then when it came the time where I required 2 PC's (split living) I decided to use the 770 in the new build, and upgrade to a Strix 970.

After all the eventual upgrades (there were others like additional storage after starting out with only the 1TB drive) and additional memory (started out with 8GB), and an upgraded PSU to accommodate for the GTX 970, the build works perfectly. Even when preforming numerous tasks, or CPU intensive tasks like rendering videos, I have yet to experience any real CPU hang or dip in performance. My next venture is to put the CPU cooler to good use and start overclocking the CPU for maximum performance. As it stands as well, there have been no issues while gaming despite the many claims from others that I would notice a performance drop between their i5 builds and my AMD FX build.

Also, please not that the idle temperature of the GPU, while higher than you would expect, is with 2 screens (144Hz, 60Hz) and fully passive, so the fans are not spinning at all.

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nice how good is the headphones

  • 63 months ago
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The headphones are fantastic. They sound absolutely excellent, and the 2 supplied batteries that charge from the base station are really useful, and you can change them effortlessly. The mic doesn't sound incredible for other people, but it is clear and loud, and tuck away really neatly into the left ear cup. The only issue I have with it is the lack of volume of your own voice monitor, so it doesn't lay your own voice back through the headset. Other than that, 10/10 would buy again.