This is my new daily driver. I went with the CPU/GPU combo and love that with the mobo. The biggest issue was the argb in the case and trying to get that to work with my mobo that lacked an argb header. The bridge I tried failed so I'm stuck with some weird lighting.

I will add more interior lighting. The blue wiring extensions of the power supply was a nice touch. I will never use anything but a fully modular battery from now on.

The video card came with a part that confused me. In general, I find the pictures and directions provided with computer parts to be comically simplistic.

For those of you who enjoy statistics. Geekbench 5 ratings for the system are around 1200 for the Single-Core and just over 6000 for the Multi-Core test. The OpenCL score is around 47k. These spec out very close to a 21.5-inch iMac in performance on these tests. So what I think I'm realizing now is that I have the PC equivalent of a $2,800 Apple machine for under $1,400 when you include the value of my existing touch screen and printer (why do I own this?)

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  • 4 months ago
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That's a good-looking case. What was the confusing part of the video card?

  • 4 months ago
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The card comes with a wire that makes you think that you should split the power supply from the 8 pin to a pair of 6 pins. I understand NOW when that's needed but it totally threw me off. As a whole - the instructions included with the card and the website were uninformative. I looked a few uses of the card on here before accepting I was right to not split the power and stick with my pretty wire.

The Versa is great case... I would probably not buy prebuilt RGB components again.

  • 2 months ago
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i am building a computer with the same MOBO and CPU however when i made it it said it was incompadible it said you need to update the BIOS, how what was the link did you use to update the BIOS? Thank you

  • 53 minutes ago
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Hey, long delayed response - but the BIOS update was easy to accomplish. Most ASUS Boards have auto-updating features in the BIOS, but you can always sideload it with thumb drive.