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So I decided to finally build my own pc with dual-purpose of Deep Learning in the Day, and Mining at Night. I wasn't too concerned about space with case, this was a joy to work with and looks clean. I plan on expanding to more GPUs (I actually got my hands on Nvidia 1070 Ti for $450 before the big hike in prices). The Motherboard can continue to support more GPUs and RAM if needed. CPU and Storage pretty standard, will add additional storage as needed. Power supply may be overkill, but if I end up getting more GPUs I didn't want it to be an issue.

Running nicely on Ubuntu and does a decent job with zclassic and zcash with both GPUs running. I will publish the specs for how it performs on a few toy Deep Learning projects.

Love to hear from you all if I could have made improvements. And yes, I know I could have made a pure miner and just used AWS for deep learning on a laptop....but I needed a workhorse at home for data science projects...and couldn't resist a few respectable GPUs.


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