I decided to build this as a future proof over the top gaming build. This is the second PC that I have built for personal use. This is strictly used for gaming. I do not use this to stream or download anything to extend the life of it. The hardest part for me was to sleeve the cables. But on the side of power, this has more than what I'll need for any game I have now or will buy in the future. When I bought the case, the built in fan controller was broken but PHANTEKS sent me a replacement for free under warranty. Borderlands 3 can run on badass settings on a 4k 60hz TV at 43 fps. I then got rid of the 4k and switched to the AOC monitor. On the 1440p 144hz at badass will from between 65-71fps. If I bump it down to high settings it will sit at 144 fps with v sync turned on. Definitely awesome

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  • 2 months ago
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Are you running 48 GB of ram?

  • 17 days ago
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How are the gpu's thermals, sitting in front of that glass?