Overveiw: $1600 Intel/Nvidia gaming build. As stated in the title, its an incredible gaming machine but with a 4 cores/8 threads and 16gb of memory, it excels in multitasking. Ill admit that 16gb is really unnecessary but with how cheap ddr3 is now that ddr4 is out, its a no brainer. The Nvidia GTX 770 SC ACX from Evga murders every game maxed out with fps above 60. But Arma 3 seems to be the downfall. performs around 80 fps with the current settings, again everything maxed out but the view distance is at a bit more than 3/4 on the slider. But i didn't expect that on a $300 graphics card. Hell even a Titan Z probably couldn't. Note that all games are played at 1920/1080p.

Building Process/Outcome: The Building process was very fun actually. It all went extremely well, First boot went well. The only problem I had was that one of the DIMMs didn't get put in or something. But I just took it out and put it back in wich seemed to fix the problem. Windows 8.1 installed on the ssd fine and I actually like 8 compared to 7. Overall I loved the process and after a year of saving I had enough money for it. Great fun. If I could redo it I would put a 980 in it but that wasn't out at the time of buying. Haha the 770 is already extinct and impossible to find anywhere. Would love to do 2 way sli with them :(

Thanks, Jeff


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