I built this machine for my wife to rival a mac pro for photo editing and video encoding. I also plan on using it to consolidate our Plex server, HomeSeer Server, OwnCloud Server, and 2 WebServers. Finally, I wanted something that would run mac OSX in a VM well, should my wife want to work in that environment (it's what she knows and is comfortable with).

The CPU is great. It takes anything I throw at it without missing a beat.

I like that the motherboard has a little room to grow, with max RAM of 128gb and USB 3.1 (and type C). It's not the greatest 2011-3 motherboard, but for the price it was hard to pass up.

I may have spent more than I needed to at this time on the still fairly expensive DDR4 RAM, but I like the fact that I won't have to mess with it for a while. By the time I do, it will be dirt cheap to add the other 64gb to the system.

I love the SSD. It's great having a system that boots in seconds and has great transfer times. I really like the RAID 5 setup with 11tb of usable disk space. It allows us to have the redundancy that I want for the photos, videos, and media center content that we store on it.

The tower is great. I read some good reviews on it, so I went with it. It is way bigger than it looked on newegg, but it holds everything with room to spare and looks clean doing so. I like that there are so many hard drive bays, and that I could stack them on top of each other and get the front fans to blow air right over them, keeping them cool. I love the filters and the fact that it comes with 3 massive case fans. I'm not worried at all about airflow.

I'm pretty pleased with the PSU. Not much to say there. It does the job well.

I didn't go all in on the GPU, but I got the 4gb version, so it should still last me a while. Plus, it's pretty overclockable, should I need to do so. My focus wasn't gaming, so I wasn't all that worried. However, I am a little worried how it will fare with VR stuff, since it isn't recommended spec. But again, since that wasn't my main goal, I'm not too worried.

Overall, I have been really impressed with this build and I'm excited to keep throwing stuff at it to see how much it can take.

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  • 43 months ago
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mfw this build destroys the base mac pro and is still cheaper with monitors and accesories

  • 43 months ago
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Yeah, she asked if she could get a mac pro. I took one look at the price tag and said "I can do better!" ;)

  • 43 months ago
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I'm really glad to see machines built/posted for media content creation & editing. Thank you!

I hope to build a similar mean machine some day, but that's not in the cards now unless $2,000 drops out of the sky.


  • 43 months ago
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Thanks, I appreciate it. :)