Title I know sounds weird considering I haven't taken any pictures of it closed an on...

But anyway, for starters I want to say I have a couple of regrets with this build. First being the case, mainly do to cable management or lack their of for options of cable management. Second regret, is the power supply good power supply so far but I just wish I would have gone for a modular or semi modular to complement the lack of cable management options.

So now that we have that out of the way this was built for gaming primarily as it's a job my laptop doesn't do well (gah the dreaded L word). Anyway I'm a student so this is going to be a gaming, sim racing and programming machine. This was part Christmas present and every piece I can say was on sale with the exception of the cpu cooler will explain reason for it later.

So parts explained...

CPU: Got this guy because for starters I had a couple of things I was looking for I have a preference towards intel and I wanted quad core. For my purposes I couldn't justify an i7 and this came with a good deal with the motherboard.

Cooler: Alright so you're probably wondering why I have an aftermarket on a cpu that is not eligible to overclock. Reason being goes back to the case, I had heard many complaints of lack of air flow, cable management, and so on so I figured to be on the safer side I'd pick up a relatively inexpensive cooler to combat the lack of air flow.

Hard Drives: Yes I have quite a few. So I wanted a SSD for obvious reasons faster boot up and so on and so forth. One of the mechanical hard drives is solely dedicated to my steam library, no it's not full but it's about half full roughly. The other is for extra programs, my media (movies, music) and my disc and origin games.

Graphics Card: Was originally going for a 650TI but the 660 was on sale on black friday so went with it instead, didn't really want to go with radeon for graphics as I have a preference for the nvidia line. But overall I am very happy with this card.

Wireless Network Adapter: This was a must for me, as I am ridiculously far from the router at my parents place and I have no way of getting internet in my apartment unless I have wireless capabilities. So I found this one on sale and it had fairly good reviews so I went with it. So far so good wish it could pick up a stronger signal but I suppose that's what range extenders are for...

Case: Well as you can tell got a pretty good deal on it. Hate the lack of cable management but for the price can't complain. I like the looks of it honestly I think it's one of the best looking cases I've ever seen. I don't like a lot of flash a little bit of character is kind of nice and it looks sleek in my opinion. Fairly content with it if you're willing to work with it it's not the worst case to manage your cables in as I don't think my cable management is terrible.

Fans: heard rumors bout this case being hard to work in cable management being common so I bought the extras and put them in for hopefully better air flow.

Disc Drive: Yep it's a disc drive... Don't really have much to say I still use discs for quite a bit of my things and for storage for programs so I don't have to redownload all the time. Overall works fine and as expected is a bit noisy but I don't use it that often to mind.

OS: Just went with windows 8.1, to me it feels a little bit more like an entertainment hub which is what I wanted this computer to feel like as my laptop I have windows 7 and is primarily geared towards school work. So it was just a preference and feeling for it. Also Picked this guy up for free from school.

Monitor: Well I picked this guy up before I even thought about building a desktop. Bought it to dual screen off of for my laptop went with samsung as I know they make excellent screens and I don't know much about computer monitors... I also have it hooked into a 32" television which gets used strictly for sim racing and I only run one at a time as it's only a 720p television.

Keyboard and Mouse: they didn't have the mouse didn't really feel like putting it in their but I really wanted a fairly inexpensive mouse that was wireless and gaming oriented so I went with the viotek meister... Yeah never heard of the company beforehand and so far love it payed about 15 dollars for it wireless supports 2400 dpi 5 button mouse and the keyboard steelseries merc... Didn't really mind a wire for this guy but I wanted a gaming keyboard and I was attracted to the dedicated gaming pad... To be honest it's a great keyboard but it's strange to get used to. The arrows are embedded in the number pad and so is the little cluster of keys that are normally above it. Which I honestly hate that with a firey passion. As you have to constantly toggle the number lock on and off to switch between the two. Other then that the dedicated game pad is great only wish it integrated the z button.

All in all I am happy with this build. And would recommend about everything on this build. It was a breeze to put together aside from forgetting to give the graphics card power before I plugged it in woops. Would not recommend the case unless you at least have a modular power supply to go with it or you aren't putting much in there. Otherwise lots of fun and great in my opinion.

Edit: Also forgot to mention that there wasn't a strict price limit. I didn't want to go over the top and this was before monitor keyboard and mouse my goal was roughly 750, the second 3TB was not planned, but happy that I purchased it.


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Dem cables! Lol

As long as you don't plan on OC'ing it's not a bad build.

Lots of storage for anime and **** and anime **** is a MUST.


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Nope no plan on OC'ing. I feel as if the computer is just fine where it's at. Plays most my games on High Settings and works perfectly for what I need it for.

And No I have to save up for another hard drive, coming for the **** and anime and anime ****. It's gotta be separate thinking about one of those 4 TB hard drives for that.

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to be completely honest, your cable management isn't that bad. the important thing is that all of the cables are out of the way of critical airflow components, such as your CPU heatsink and your GPU. it's ugly, yes, but it's at least practical.

otherwise, it looks like a very well-rounded gaming build.

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Agreed. Cable management looks horrible, but it's functional at least. Good build overall. +1

More pics please! :)

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Great build for the price. As you mentioned cables don't look great but it is to be expected for sub $50 cases. Looks solid otherwise.

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Cable Managment makes me cry ;O