So after deciding my pc wasn't good enough, and starting a pc course at college, I started looking at building my own. I was a little unsure at first and nervous about actually building it, but glad I did. It was a nice relief when it actually turned on when I went to boot up.

Need to get some games installed and get it actually working now.

The only problems I had were small or caused by my own stupidity.

The first was Amazon having a mix up and sending me an iron, instead of the cpu, ram and gpu. Quick call to customer service and it's all sorted, parts reordered and they said I can keep the iron (late xmas present mum).

The other was when I was updating the bios. I knew it might need one, pc part picker told me it might when I chose the mobo. Unfortunately, the m-flash section of the bios kept saying the file didn't exist. I had put it on a USB memory stick. Everything still worked so wasn't too much of an issue, but a little annoying. Fast forward a couple of hours and a look on the msi website, I realise I'm an idiot and am trying to use the update files for a mobo I don't have. After finding the right update file, sure enough that works fine.

Am definitely happy with it, cant wait to actually start gaming with it now.

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  • 1 month ago
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I dont understand why you went so cheap on the GPU if you wanted to play games on this? That R7 3700X is beefy af and is gonna be bottlenecked hard by that poor RX570 on modern titles. That said, I dont know what games you're trying to play, nor what other workload you'd put this through, but either the 3700X seems overkill or the the RX570 is too wimpy for this build in my opinion.

  • 1 month ago
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Other than cable management I like the build. Since this is your first build I get it 100%. But if you look at the case again and think about it you'll see that the cables are ran in the open and they don't need to be. You'll see. :D I did close to the same thing first time! Congrats and enjoy!