This is my current gaming rig. It's a really simple build, no modding or crazy cooling required, and gives me room to overclock later on if i need to.

It's currently hooked up to a mismatched pair of 2- & 5-year old Samsung 24" 60hz monitors, and runs like a dream.

I've also added a crappy old 500GB HDD for slow storage. I will have to check where I sourced case fans, so I'll edit that in here later.

The front case fan is pulling in, and the Seidon is also pulling in from the top of the case (could not fit the radiator on rear fan mount), and I've got a single 120mm running exhaust out the rear port.

The side of the case has a grille that is right over the GPU fans allowing fresh intake there too.

This was the first build where I had dust filters that I've been impressed with. They are magnetic and stupidly easy to clean and replace. Very much worth the cost, especially if you live in a city or get lots of dust.

Images were from a phone with bad lighting. I apologize to your poor eyes.

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