Althought I have not been able to upload the pictures from my Nikon yet, I will continue by just temporarily posting the photos from my IPhone. (that wire above my disc drive, was taken care of. The photos were just mid process)

So hello all! This is my first build ever. I found all these parts over the course of about 5 days, researched everything and made this parts list. I was originally going for the cheapest prices possible, my budget originally was $800 then I bumped it down to $700.

I ended up getting a free trial of Amazon Prime so I decided to go that route, since most Amazon prices weren't that much higher and some were lower, while getting free two day shopping, which pays for itself. Anywho, basically the only thing I built this computer for was league and to watch Netflix and whatnot. I mistakingly didn't get windows, since my girlfriend apparently had a retail copy. But she became so flaky with it, I will just buy my own. Temporarily I made a boot drive with Ubuntu, but the boot drive sucked so I ended up installing. So in a week, I will just make a clean install with the CD.

It actually wasn't that difficult to put this thing together, I think the hardest part was finding a way to plug in the front chassis fan. Stock it came towards the bottom of the front, well the wire was not long enough to get anywhere near the proper place. So i unscrewed the whole thing, slid it up higher, and zip tied the corners, it took a little bit of elaborate zip tying to make it fit, since the most obvious and easiest spots to zip tie to, make it impossible to put all the tool-less 3.5/2.5" drive bay back in place so I had to make due.

I bought an LED light strip, the original power adapter was cheap and I almost thought the lights didn't work at all, since the LED would not Change color. But it was the power adapter. I ended up finding one that fit, to my old router. I lead the cord out, through where the PSU slides back, to the outside. There was a little slot that gave just enough room for this all to fit. It isn't noticeable unless you're looking directing at the PSU from the back of the computer.

I soon plan to install a watercooler. Fit aesthetic reasons and because I plan to OC this, while also waiting to upgrade. I went with most of these parts so I can play league and whatnot, while having the ability to upgrade later on for hardcore gaming. I'm pacing myself, then when the time comes I will build a computer for my mother, who basically plays facebook games and that's about it.

I'd love to hear your input on my first build :)

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  • 61 months ago
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Great budget build! Lookforward to OC'ing the poop out of that pentium - my personal favorite water cooler is the H60 from Corsair - won't break the bank and will handle the temps just fine. Also consider getting an SSD, the performance increase in just every-day tasks is nuts. Nice job overall! +1 fer sure

  • 61 months ago
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Yeah! I've been trying to OC it, not sure what's really been going on. Every time I go to BIOS, I change my multiplier and voltage and whatnot, save the settings and restart and go back to bios and even though my settings are still the same, say for example my multiplier to 39, the side bar still says its at 32x :I So I'll figure this one out shortly haha

But I was going to purchase an SSD, but I took it off for my budget but will definitely add one later!

  • 58 months ago
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The CPU has two speeds, a lower power speed when performance isn't needed, and a high performance "boost" speed that uses more power. Run a game or benchmark and you should see the speed change.