This machine is my first build. Main uses: gaming, photo editing, movie editing.

Hackintosh OS X install:

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  • 62 months ago
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Pretty damn sweet. Jealous of the monitor for sure. Was planning to build a windows desktop to game on. Love my MBP Retina and thunderbolt display, but the GT 650M is just not much of a gaming card. /sadface

But maybe, just maybe, I could dual boot windowz 8.1 and Yosemite? Hmm... now you've got me curious.

  • 61 months ago
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Hey Malados,

You can definitely dual-boot Win 8.1 and Yosemite. I would recommend actually putting Yosemite on a HDD rather than SSD. Hackintosh doesn't like booting from SSD without a boot USB inserted!

Monitor is great, although lack of IPS tech means you need to be in that "just right" spot.