Just ordered all my parts, and can't wait for them to get in! Still need to get an os, and im thinking win 7 pro. Hopefully my psu is sufficient otherwise I have an older 850 I may be able to use that I actually forgot about when ordering. Also my first time dealing with water cooling and a ssd. Ive heard some negative things on the stock fans on the h100i, so ive replaced them with the sp120 quiet edition fans.( the ones listed on here are the three pins i went with the 4 pin to be able to use the corsair software with them.) Any help would be appreciated!

Once all my components arrive I'll update with photos and build progress. Gonna do some research on OCing and how to tweak this config to get the best performance.


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Nice :D are you planning on gaming with this beast? Otherwise the 780 is OVERKILL... :D +1