This is a gaming computer I just built for my wife. She mostly plays WoW at this point, but also enjoys games like Skyrim. I wanted to make her a computer that would max out whatever she plays at 1080p for the new few years.

I also wanted this pc to look beastly, and the Enthoo Pro was the perfect case for that. The case is even bigger than I expected, but now I’m used to it. I am very pleased with the filters on the front and bottom intakes, as well as the top exhausts - we have 3 cats and a dog so keeping as much hair out of the pc is key. The NZXT Hue adds some color to the internals, and I really like the Rosewill red led fans on the Hyper 212 Evo. They have a really cool glow in the dark with the clear cases on the fans. The 6 Cougar 140mm red led fans are great too, very quiet and I can feel the air flow through the case. I know 6 is kind of overboard for case fans, but it was fun to have the space for it and you can’t hear the fans at all, just the soft rush of wind though the case (which my wife actually likes).

I got the i7 4790k at a steal from a friend who just had it around his place. Love this chip so far, it is crazy fast and temps keep around 60 C when running WoW for hours. The Tactical Tracer ram is awesome! I really like having the extra leds on the motherboard, and the fact that the pattern you choose speeds up with CPU usage is really cool. The EVGA 750W psu was very easy to use, my first modular psu and I’m never going back! Plan to have SLI gtx 970’s in a few years when I get a newer graphics card for my own pc. I really like the MSI gtx 970 - I have it in my own pc and it performs great on GTA V, Witcher 3, and Fallout 4 on my 1080p TV. My wife has a steady 90+ FPS in WoW on Ultra and the card rarely ever needs to turn it's fans on. The SSD and HDD are exactly what you’d expect, I love how fast the 850 Evo SSD is for the operating system and WoW, my wife is almost always the very first person to load in on any raid or instance.


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Loving the looks from all those LEDs! +1

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Very nice, We should start a a club for all the guys who built thier wives a killer rig. Love what you did here. In just a few short days my wifes Poison Ivy will be getting a i7-4790k. Hope she likes it.