EDIT: Crossfired the 7970s

No Pictures Yet. Will update tonight.

Got the 4770 on sale from Microcenter. (includes tax) MOBO was bundled with the CPU

To be used for light gaming and every-day usage. I expect a 5 year use time on it with a few updates here and there.

Will eventually double up the GPU(matching 280x) and the monitor.

Note on the H110 fitting in the case. it will fit in the top if you take out the Optical bay(requires removing rivets) Fits easily in the front bay but the holes will only line up with one 140mm fan. So I used the included through bolts to hold the radiator and one fan on the the front and the other fan is using the existing fan mounting screws. The hoses on the cooler are JUST long enough.

Only problem i ran into is because of the placement of the radiator, the radiator fans don't easily reach the MOBO fan sockets. I plugged them into the Case Fan controller, so that's a workaround a bit.

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  • 67 months ago
  • 1 point

Added a Second GPU, and the Blackwidow. Loooove the Keyboard. But damn do those GPUS burn hot.

  • 67 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice is the 7970s keeping you warm at night ;)