I originally built this PC 4 years ago as a young and innocent 13 year old with no experience other then a few youtube videos from LinusTechTips, since I didn't have the money yet, i spent weeks researching computer parts and what works and safety yadi yadi yada and it ended up a mad success ; I'v only recently found the money (around around when this build was uploaded for some major upgrades (Replaced motherboard, gpu and cpu cost me a total of $690 AUD.)

This was my first computer build so its not the neatest or flashiest but it does the job damn well. Wire management with the case and non modular power supply was a little difficult to work with but it ended up working in the end. Only real issues I had was before my upgrade I had a faulty power supply but fixed that up with a replacement one.

LED Show of setup

Part Reviews


Wire management was a little difficult to work with in this PC case. No other issues except the dust filter falling of a tiny bit on one corner


The keys felt heaps weird and difficult to use for the first week until you get used to it. Gaming on the keyboard was actually pretty comfortable


This mouse has lasted me well over 3 years, totally recommend its heaps comfortable and easy to get used to with a lot of different customization options for its DPI profiles and settings, 9+ buttons and LED logo.


For its price it does the job pretty good with mad bass in it. Totally recommend for a budget 2.1 sound setup

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  • 4 months ago
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nice practical build. everyone likes to make glamour builds, but at the end of the day some just sit and do their job and you made a functional build. I like it

  • 4 months ago
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ay cheers