Putting this together, then actually using it was night and day compared to the low end laptop I was using on a daily basis before. The current part list is what I'm currently using though I have since swapped things out, I ended up switching the power supply from a Rosewill one after a few months because of buyers remorse basically. I realized that the power supply I originally got was not the best quality. The motherboard and case is also different on account of changing form factor from M-ATX. The HDD is recent too, got it last week.

Changing the motherboard I'll admit was rooted in user error. At the time I thought something was defective with the motherboard cause I was constantly getting blue screens within the first 3 weeks of use, I really only did troubleshooting on the software level. Now let me explain what I did wrong, I installed the RAM improperly: in the 1st and 3rd slots of the board. The only hardware troubleshooting I really did was moving the RAM to the 2nd and 4th slots; the correct way to run a dual channel kit. After seeing that the blue screens were gone; I assumed the problem was the motherboard thinking that one of those slots were defective. Fortunately Prime has free returns so I only had to pay partially for the new board, it was months later that I realized after looking up the instructions that the blue screens was because of my mistake.

Overall I have been very satisfied with my computer, and look forward to upgrading it.

Part Reviews


This was a fantastic buy for the price when I got it, and even better now. I got it for $150 back in the summer. Runs really well 4ghz all core at 1.3V

CPU Cooler

Compared to any coolers in the same price point, and even compared to the iconic budget king: The Hyper 212 Evo this cooler is absolutely fantastic, its even better than the 212 evo from comparisons I've seen. The only thing I did not care for is the fan it comes with, its not terrible; just don't care for the leds it has.


Solid low end X470 board, no frills or thrills. Basic RGB support if that's your thing, the black PCB is really nice to have; big reason I picked it over the Gaming Plus equivalent.


I got this kit for $70 with a coupon code off Newegg in the summer, really really good price. Unfortunately on the motherboard I have it doesn't run at 3000 but at 2933 instead. No big deal because I was able to tighten the latency and timings and improve the performance of the memory overall.


This is a solid NVME for the money, BUT I recently learned about Sabrent's line of NVME which are comparable to Samsung's while being quite a bit cheaper. Not much more expensive than this one either. If you can find this for under $100 its for sure worth it though.

Video Card

What can I say about this card: its fantastic. I've only heard good things about Sapphire: Historically they have been known to be the best graphics cards providers for Radeon. The Pulse is good value, could probably overclock its Nitro+ equivalent higher with its extra 6 pin maybe. I personally undervolted the card slightly and gave it a slight overclock not by much only 35mhz. Its the most stable I could get it with the undervolt. My only gripe is drivers being bad fairly recently post Navi release.

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What sort of CPU temperatures do you see under load with that CPU cooler? and how is it for noise?

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I replaced the fan with a Arctic P12 PWM that I had, its a lot quieter than the stock one that comes with the cooler. Idle is typically around 36-37C I run pretty low fan speeds at those temps; and let it ramp up as it gets hotter. Under load just depends on what's going on. On Prime95 the peak temp was like 72-73C, typical game load is in the 50C - 60C range, though it pretty much never gets to 60 and higher unless its doing something else at the same time. If you're curious the thermal paste I use is Coolermaster's Mastergel Maker. The cooler for the price I recommend it for something like a 2600, its effectively a better Hyper 212 Evo from what I understand.