The build:

I was honestly surprised at how small the case is... it was really fun but also pretty stressing to build into such a small case, as you can see there is not much room left for cable management but I think it still looks great.

I built this for my dad who is finally retiring his 7 year old Dell Optiplex desktop with an i7 2600S. He wanted two things: Be small and quiet.

This computer will be used mainly for web browsing & other fairly intensive tasks. Definitely not gaming or any kind of 3d modeling.

Everything inside the case is so tight there is barely any space between each part, I really can't imagine a smaller case than this... (I know there are). Something that made the build 100 times easier was the SFX power supply by Corsair, that thing is... small. Never seen one in person, it fitted in my hand like it was a big orange haha.

The research for this build was quite a challenge, there is not that much info regarding the SG13 and the Shadow Rock LP, let alone both combined. I was only able to find two posts on the internet from people with the SG13 + Shadow Rock LP that convinced me to buy these parts, only one of them showed important measuring. Funny thing is, even PCPartPicker marks these two parts it as incompatible!

Ironically, the cooler was the hardest part to install, total nightmare. So tedious it wasn't even fun, it also leaves you with not much room to work with once installed. But it was really worth it in the end. Air flow is decent with this case, the 140mm is intake and the 120mm, well, it's spreading air everywhere. The PSU takes fresh air from the top, I didn't want it to interfere with the airflow in any way.

Temps @ idle:

CPU: 29C
SSD: 27C

Temp @ 100% usage (Handbrake):

CPU: 61C

Noise level:

I don't have a proper way to measure noise levels but I can assure you, this thing is quiet. First time I booted with the case open I could barely distinguish between on/off. The 140mm fan is super quiet, we left it at 100%. The cooler fan runs at 50% until it hits 45C, it's also super quiet. The PSU has an intelligent fan that only fires up when it's hot or when it reaches certain load, it's a very small fan that even when it's spinning, I can't hear it.

The noise level when I was doing the render didn't even raised that much!

Pretty satisfied with this build, installing Win10 was a piece of cake and everything runs smoothly as of now. Excited to say I have now built a true mini ITX computer! Any questions feel free to ask.

Useful info about the SG13 I wish someone told me:

-You need an SFX to ATX power supply adapter!!! I didn't even know this was a thing, we ordered all parts except this one only to realize I couldn't install the PSU. The Siverstone PP08 works great.

-The Shadow Rock LP fits in the SG13 if you use an SFX power supply + the Silverstone PP08 SFX adapter. The space between the motherboard's PCB and the PSU is about 85mm. The total space between the cooler and the PSU is about 15mm.

-You can only fit low profile RAM (34mm) with the Shadow Rock LP, the space between the RAM and the cooler is about 3mm.

-The Shadow Rock LP is extremely tedious to install, a tip would be applying the same force on both screws at the same time when installing.

-The Shadow Rock LP blocked the entry for the USB 3.0 cable to the MOBO, like pretty badly, I don't even know how it ended up fitting. You can see it's really bending.

-The 4 holes for the SSD at the bottom of the case are useless, the SATA port ends up being upside down which makes it literally impossible to install there. The only solution for me was to use the included drive tray.

-The be quiet! 140mm is a great fan, but it's is way too bulky for this case if you decide to keep the drive tray. The correct order to install it is: Remove front panel -> push drive tray in -> align fan with screw holes -> screw the fan in -> close the front panel -> screw the drive tray.

-The SG13 has a long blue led inside the front of the case. When the PC is on, it lights up. When the PC is suspended, it flashes (like a blinker). I'm not entirely sure but I think you can disable this led.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

It's quiet and very low profile. I was able to install this inside a SG13 and it keeps the CPU very cool.

Power Supply

doesn't make any noise and fits perfectly on my SG13 case

Case Fan

cool and quiet even at 100%


Fits perfectly on a SG13 + a Corsair SF450


  • 7 months ago
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Great presentation and pictures. I really like the setup and throwing a GPU in the mix makes an instant mini gamer.

Thumbs up.

  • 7 months ago
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I know right haha, I was so tempted to just get a GPU and play some games... but my dad doesn't need it for that.

When I installed Win10, all the drivers and programs I was like... now what? haha, he's not a gamer and doesn't work with anything 3D related so I understand, but it's crazy to think that even throwing a 1050ti could instantly bring an awesome gaming experience.

  • 7 months ago
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Heck yeah, but since he's not into gaming that would be a waste. Good choice. It's perfect as is.

Btw "compatibility issues" you proved them wrong. That cooler fits with room to spare! I suppose the website doesn't take into account using an SFX psu and adapter to get more space.

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Very nice budget build. It looks clean and tidy. I started posting the progress of my build earlier today, so I realize the effort you took by uploading all the high quality images, and typing us a novel. BTW I think you posted more pictures than the people who build $10k PCs.

  • 7 months ago
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hey thanks, it's the first time I build an itx so I was definitely excited...

  • 7 months ago
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Where is the graphic crad????

  • 7 months ago
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It's very well hidden. jk, my dad doesn't need a GPU haha

  • 7 months ago
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So well hidden it's inside the CPU!

  • 7 months ago
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There are integrated graphics in his CPU. Considering he is using it for web-browsing and development, it should be ok.

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  • 7 months ago
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I don't understand, are you saying this PC is overkill...?

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