I mainly use the system to play games and light editing. I bought mostly everything from the Facebook Marketplace to maximize deals at the time of the build (built a month and a half ago). I plan on switching over to a Ryzen platform soon.

Total I have actually spent on this system is near $600.

Facebook Marketplace: CPU- $110 Ram- $50 GPU- $115 Keyboard- $40

Craigslist: Mobo- $35

Componets bought from retailer/had CPU Cooler- $40 (bestbuy) Case- $90 (bestbuy) Headset- $60 (bestbuy) $200.39 out the door. Mouse- $44 (walmart)

Monitor, PSU, and 500gb SSD were taken from another system that I later flipped.

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  • 2 months ago
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I always enjoy seeing builds that cut on major costs via facebook or whatever, it looks pretty solid despite the CPU being a little bit dated (only two years). But that is fine since the i-5 is still very capable.