I have had computers before, but I decided to custom build to get great quality for the price. I wanted to stay at or lower than $1000. I got good parts for this for great gaming. I wanted internet and a place to put digital camera pics and possibly use programs. I am a light, caucious user, so I don't have alot of big video games, so I have plenty of Hard disk space. I have connected my 500 GB hard drive from my old computer in it to be drive D. So I have 1500GB. I read more hard disk space reduces LAG.

I have purchased Minecraft and I like not having bad LAG.

With the Mid Tower Case I picked out, I noticed it had 2 bright blue LED's in the reset and power button. I don't want bright light illuminating my dark room while I play video games or watch movies in the dark. I have pulled out the LED's and replaced the POWER LED with an orange LED and taped the wire to the thick power cord. It shines directly on top of the large video card. The Mid Tower case isn't really a bad one, I liked installing in it just fine. Great installing experience with it.

I replaced the blue LED in the reset LED cords with a dim red LED.

The glow from my computer in the dark is barely noticeable in the dark and besides, the window is beside the medal sheet leg side of my desk.

I hear some fans, the side air sound and a higher dba tone from somewhere in the computer, but it doesn't bother me, its a reminder I'm using a power consuming computer, and I can use great padded ear phones anyway.

I got a bronze level Power box because I really was trying to budget.

When I start up the computer, I heart the liquid cooling wheeze just as the fans start. I don't hear that as the computer stays on.

I really like it and I was trying to have an orange theme with the Computer case and putting an orange LED in it. I liked the orange LED fans to purchase but I really compared for the noise level so I got clear red LED fans with a good low dsb level. I still got 2 solid orange fans for the side. Honest IDK how good the fans actually cool it and the front fans having that metal with holes in it in the way to hold hard drives.

On the red clear fans in the front, which are intake fans, I had to sand down the edge of the top fan on the lower part to get a cord past as I flipped it upside down to screw it in.
On the orange fans on the side, I wanted it to intake which wasn't really designed for it because the air flow direction has the flat side the direction the air flowed out only, so I used wall screw stuts to reach through the fan holes, and it works! Just that pushing on the grate will rub on the spinning fan head.

The front USB slots are installed so the plug goes in upside down. I have my WiFi reciever stick in it upside down and the connection in both of them USB ports is loose. My USB Wifi receiver stick can move side to side. Maybe the front USB ports can be took out and flipped over and put back in? I'd also crimp the medal down more for a better grip on the USB plug.

The video card has a Dual Link DVI port used for VGA monitors. I got an adapter for my analog VGA monitor. Its a dvi-i Dual link to vga adapter.

I use 4 wood blocks to elevate each corner nub off the rug so the power box fan can breath. Sometimes the nubs slide off the wood blocks, so I plan to make a small indent in each wood block for the nub to sit in.

It is a great computer and I plan on having larger video games installed. I have been playing small video games and going on the internet alot.

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  • 47 months ago
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the notch on the wood block will be a great addition! Devil in the details, something like that.

as for disk space vs lag: I would say "enough space" instead of MORE. If your system has enough space to page memory, swap, and other system-needed cache, your system should be as fast as it can be. When windows wants to address some space on disk and cannot find enough, that's when perfromance start taking a hit.

  • 47 months ago
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Great price and good use of old tech. +1

  • 47 months ago
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Good choice of parts and looks sharp.