After being away for roughly 7 months in the middle east, I decided to save money for a monster of a PC for gaming and for Geo-spatial analysis. It turned out really well with few hiccups, although i ran into complications with the initial PSU (sleeved cables not being compatible with the Corsair RM850) i bought. So i made the switch HX750i to utilize the correct 24pin power cable. I tried to maintain a Corsair and Gigabyte hybrid build, with ASUS monitors. I recycled the ASUS MG279Q as my secondary monitor from my previous budget build in 2019.

CPU: I was originally going to opt for an i9 but i thought it was overkill for what i needed it for. This was the one part of the build I was unsure of, whether to move to a Ryzen build. But I'm happy with the results.

Cooling: The airflow in the case more than fine, under load temps tend to stay below 70. When the volume goes low on my headset I can really tell the fans are working overtime.

Case: Difficult to cable manage in the rear due to the larger size of the PSU, leaving little room to route cables with the drive caddy still present. I really don't understand why corsair doesn't make the front panel sync to iCue.

GPU: Performing really well. I wanted to achieve a 1440p gaming setup that could handle the higher end titles on ultra and it's doing just that.

Leave a rating and let me know what you think on cable management and choices in parts. Thanks :)

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  • 1 month ago
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nice specs and clean setup

  • 1 month ago
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Thanks mate! :)