Built as a surprise for my sister for all the help she has given our mom after having a stroke. She has helped me as well when I need. She brought her old PC to me when it wouldn't turn on and it was well passed putting money into. IT had an old dual core Celeron, 4GB ram, and a 320GB mechanical HDD. She will use this for email and to do her books for her new business she started making baked goods and Pierogies for local Farmers Markets. She does edit the odd photo and stream music. I'm getting a vinyl graphic made for the side with her logo and will post photos once done. This case was great to build in even with it being small cable management was very easy. I have another SSD here that I'm going to put in for more storage to give her another 500GB.

Part Reviews


Great CPU and with the new Ryzen out this is also discounted to give a good bang for the buck. My only negative was the AMD badge on the fan causes a bump out on the shroud. Since the block could only mount one way or 180 degrees opposite I had to remove the fan and shroud and turn it 90 degrees so it didn't hit on the VRM cooler or the RAM. Not a deal breaker but does add the possibility of stripping a fan screw when putting it back on the aluminum block.


Nice little board, has all the things I needed. I did have to use a fan splitter to add another case fan as the board only has one besides the CPU header.


Great RAM, got it on sale (while supplies last) and looks like it's being discontinued at the place I shop. It's just nice not to have to pay an arm and leg or your first born for a decent amount of RAM anymore.


Not the fastest but it does the job and is priced well. There are some cheaper but I have found that sometimes saving $5 is not worth the headache. I purchased 2 cheaper drives and both had issues and had to be returned. I have 2 of these in systems now and both have been solid.


I needed a cheap case but wanted something that looked good. I was blown away when I opened the box. This is a great little case with a lot of room in it. Cable management was not difficult at all and plenty of cut outs. It came with a vertical mount for the video card as well which shocked me. To be honest I didn't look at the pictures that closely when I bought it. My only gripe is that there are no rubber grommets at the cable pass through but all the edges are rolled so no sharp edges.

Power Supply

great little unit, I love the semi modular for this type of build with no custom sleeving. You need the 24 pin and CPU 8 pin in all builds but then you can only use the other ones that you need which cuts out a lot of tangled mess. As an added bonus they are all Black and the connected two are also in a black mesh sleeve.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice looking build. How's the airflow with the case? Also, does it come with dust filters?

  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

Air flow is surprisingly good. It only comes with a single case fan so if you add a big GPU and a hotter CPU you should add and get better fans. Like most cases it will support AIO coolers however that was not in the budget for this one. It does have dust filters, I made sure of that as my sister has a couple cats. I found another inside her old computer when I tried to fix it (noting the need for filtration).

  • 4 months ago
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That's great to know bc I have cats too. Awesome. Thank you for the speedy reply.