Prometheus, the Titan who brought fire to mankind.

So, to wrap things up. (For now.) The performance increase was definitely worth it. Everything hardware wise went great. Though I can't say the same with software. This was my first time buying a Windows License, but I've had a lot of problems. First my GPU doesn't have a UEFI GOP BIOS, so that was a small issue. And then my HTC One M8 wasn't being detected because I bought an 'N' version of Windows, which doesn't include Media Player 12. Apparently you need to to use Android phones. That took me forever to figure out. And finally Windows 8.1 has stupid ownership policies, so to change anything I have to take ownership of it first. But overall I'm happy. This machine under load is as loud as my last machine at idle. I was able to get the 4690K to 4.5GHz with 1.140V. I could get it further, but I'm happy with it there. Temps have never gone above 55C under load, so that's fantastic.

I'm also having some EMI issue which I believe to be from my GPU, and mouse.


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