Can't go wrong with an AMD processor and a 970 This was my first build I built with my brothers a little over a year ago Overall this guy can take on any game at 1080p and 1440p When we first bought everything the total was around 1300 so I am not to surprised about the price drops that's how pc parts are. Also the inside of the pc could have looked better but the performance Makes up for that :D

I also plan on overclocking it with an H100i if i decide to invest in it. And replacing the case because its huge and id rather get a mid tower case like the Air 540 (i have one and prefer it)

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As most of us know team red gives you the best bang for your buck. Great CPU for 1080p and even 1440p.


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About your PSU:

1) You don't need that much wattage- a 550-650W would have been perfect

2) Raidmax is a brand I wouldn't trust, you would have been better off saving money and purchasing a Seasonic S12II, EVGA G2/B2 or Silverstone, Corsair RMi PSU.

Nice build though!

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yeah i have been told that alot loI thx dude