I like to resubmit my current specs to see how people like my pc. A lot of changes from my old build.

Wanted a system that is really fast without having much of any dialup speeds like the pc's in the 1st gen 1ghz was.

Like to max the hell out of my i7 without going to the extreme part but do like to reach 5GHz if its possible.

The motherboard bc I liked how it sheild the components plus the fans to keep the components cooled under neath. Highest heat on the motherboard 32Celcuis, lowest 25Celcuis and totally dust repelant.

The ram is totally my expetation of room with alot of programs and files running at once.

Got it Feb 13, 2013 when it was at the lowest disccount price for like a few days that week to just get two anyway since you probably will nvr see that price again. If your wondering about this year, forget it man, it was between $65-$80 for them during the same dates.

1TB HDD I got was abit to early getting at $70, I wasn't thinking correctly of that time when besides at disscounts but now, you can get one about $55 for it. Didn't even use it till near completion of my build of October 30, 2013 .

128GB SSD I could have gotten a 256GB along with my CPU & Mobo at the same time at MicroCenter for $179.99 but I was spend alot already and didn't have enough money for things that were coming by the end of the week so i didnt get it. But I am happy with the 128GB for Windows 8.1.

128GB SSD for Windows XP SP3

128GB SSD for my Hackintosh Drive OS X Mavericks. Couldn't get my 1TB to work, it was but had problems getting after the installation part.

Use Mavericks 80% of the time than my windows 8.

Video Card, at first I wasn't sure whitch one I was going with since being my first graphics ever. Wanted to get a really good one long time ago with my old Compaq witch I still have but havent used it in a while. I didn't have much money before but now since I do and this is a recently new card from Asus, and since I was thinking between Saphire and Radeons R# about a year ago, I decided to go with the R9X. Didn't have money back then bc of caring for this poor abused cat, thats why it took me a while to get a video card and finnaly finish this build except along of a few things left to get.

Optical Drive, I'm going with this one once it nocks the price down abit, like the capable of Blu-Ray of the future whitch I maybe using besides the fact it also includes 3D with it.

The Wireless Card has a blutooth that comes with it without paying $20 more for being seprate with the A/N A/C thats coming out and that be the extra charge for it even thou its more money but in the long end, your actually saving money.

The Case fans I have now I got was to early along with my case and don't actually fit the outer fan sides whitch leads and leaves dust on the outer rim of the case to get dust in my system, so far its doing a good job but everynow & then, I go inside my case and wipe down any dust that got throu witch isn't really much so thats good for now.. I'm going to wait for a big disscount sale off before getting those types of fans, wish they were black thou, may spray them black, idk yet but since it has the smart technology, why not.

Wish the case came with an extra SSD card slot.

Power Supply, I probably could have gootn a better one but was tight on money at the time and got it on disccount & sale, I do realized that I am almost at my max now with the added graphics card and a few better fans than I have now, Maybe in the future I'll get the Premuim Power Supply but for now, I'm Good.

Case, I like this case since it can breath instead of a very closed case witch can get hot inside it, barely gets hot in there at all for that matter. Otho I could have gottn the newer case of this moddle but didn't have it at the time even thou i got my case way early even thou I was still Modifying my specs but the counts on the mobo if it fit witch it does.

The case I have now doesn't have the USB 3.0 but might as well add it to part of my list if anyone had an idea with this build.

Loved to Multimedia & gaming to the extreme with hacking here & there.

Video Editing

Convert, download, PS1, PS2, PSP Emulator, only if there were a real PS3 Emulator.

VMware, Final Fantasy XVI, Team Fortress 2, Mabinogi, Combat Arms, etc.

1st SSD 128GB OSX Mavericks

2nd SSD 128GB Windows 7

3rd SSD 128GB Windows XP 32Bit SP4 Beta 3

4rd HDD 1TB split 1/2 for OSX Backups and the other 1/2 for now is Windows XP 32Bit SP3

Like to render stuff faster in windows xp than vista, 7, 8, 8.1

And play very old games that do not work in vmware

And its a simple not advance system other than being its one of the best OS ever. Besides I used to make really good videos under Windows XP.

added 7/25/14

I know about the Power Supply due to the extra amount coming from the card, but I don't have all 3 (2 ssd's) plugged at the same time and a few missing fans I haven't obtain yet with 1 more ssd coming and a wireless card and so yes I am able to run my pc w/o any problems but in time, I will upgrade it later.

added 1/31/15

3x New Fans aren't added and my cpu is at normal 3.5, 1 SSD not connected, planing on upping my PSU in the next 2 weeks.


  • 69 months ago
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Can the 550W PSU handle an i7 and 290X?

  • 69 months ago
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Honestly no, especially with overclocking but as long as he doesn't go full load it should power his rig. There's too much power drain from all his components to power it full load, you can thank the 290x for that. I would replace it with a 650w+ right away.

  • 64 months ago
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How is the wireless network adaptor working for gaming im looking to get on. I'm to smart with the network subject so i dont know if its compatible with my router is the MI424WR verizon wireless

  • 39 months ago
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sry for lat response, pretty good for a while till i decided to go with LAN 5months ago, faster speeds from top floor to the basement, better than wifi.