This is my stormtrooper build, went with a white & black theme. Building took a few hours, but boy how exited I was. The experience, it was superb! Everything booted and worked when I pressed the power button, which was great. Heard that the B150M's have first time booting problems, but mine worked like a charm. I installed windows, but I don't have a network cable so i can't install updates yet. I may actually buy a USB Wi-Fi dongle, we'll see.

UPDATE: Bought two 140mm fans and installed them to the front of the case for better air circulation. Also added a 1TB Seagate Barracuda for bulk storage, as the single SSD has gotten full over time. Now I have only Windows, programs and a couple of games on SSD, all of the passive stuff has been moved to the HDD.

Part Reviews


For people who don't plan to overclock, this is a huge handful of number crunching power.


Works great, I had no issue's whatsoever with it. Has some cool white led backlighting. No m.2 or special features, but a great basic good looking board that's easy to work with. Manual was a huge book full of knowledge aswell.


Great pair of DDR4-2133 memory.


Holy donkey balls how fast this is!!

Video Card

Got it with a great price from a local shop, works like a charm. No backplate. :(


Unbeatable cable management possibilities, looks slick as hell aswell.

Power Supply

Silent, and has all the necessary connectors for a single gpu setup.


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Wow. I'm surprised you have no comments on here but 8 likes :S

I think you did very well. Good job! :)

By the way, hows your new graphics card?

  • 46 months ago
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The 960 is, well, okay-ish, but I feel like if I had gone with 970 I would have gotten better price-to-performance. Still, I get 60 fps everywhere, 40 on the division with high settings., 300 in csgo, and because I got a 144hz monitor, csgo really feels butter smooth. It really is a monster compared to the laptop I had before, which had a gt 635m.

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Are you still thinking you should have gotten the gtx 970?

  • 47 months ago
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Nice build. I am building the same computer this weekend. I got the skylake 6600 and the gtx 960 4gb. I felt like keeping the wattage low, so I avoided the amd r9 380, even though it may be more powerful. I am running on a 430 watt power supply it should be a low power consumption beast.

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Yes, I got this build because it is efficient in terms of power. I almost went with a 430W Seasonic, but this was a bit more and a lot better, and I have a bit heardroom, because I am planning on getting the new generation AMD card when they launch.