Finally... I finally have a computer that I can do more than one thing at the same time on. ;)

Started with a budget of 1500 - 2000. I think I hit the top. Not all the prices shown are what I paid for them, as I shopped for deals for a few months.

Built it a month or 2 ago now. I love looking at other peoples completed builds so i figure i have to do my part and post mine. Also I need some help with it too ;)

Anyway first off a parts breakdown:

-Processor- i7-4790k Wanted something for video editing and gaming. Also want to be future proof. Have no regrets on this, it's blasing fast.

-Cooler- Corsair H100i Read a lot of good things about it. Wanted an entry level water cooler. One of the things im having problems with. More on that later...

  • Motherboard- Asus Maximus Hero VII It was on sale, Couldnt resist the Red and Black :) Motherboard with good reviews and good specs for not too bad a price.

-Memory- Ripjaws X 16GB DDR3-1866 Got the red but could not find it on the list. It works and its G.Skill. Nothing to complain about. Originally got corsair vengance but the cooling fins would not fit under the H100I.

-SSD- Samsung 840 Pro Good reviews and was on sale. Running 2 of them in raid 1 for reliability. Thinking of switching to raid 0 because I love speed and they are supposed to be reliable already.

-Video Card- Asus GTX 970 Strix Had to wait for this to come in stock and then jump on it. Then still had to wait cause i didn't jump fast enough. Awsome card, Runs everything i play, but has a bad screeching sound when under load. Fans hardly ever come on though. Even under max load they are only at 50%.

-Case- THermaltake Overseer- Love the look, nothing really wrong with it but i think the quality could have been better.

-Power Supply- Corsair CX750m The one thing i kinda regret. I think i should have gone for a better model. But it works fine so far.

-Optical drive- Asus DVDRW Yep I still use DVDs sometimes. Plus i needed a few more dollars to get free shipping. :)

Sorry for the crappy cell pics. I`ll try to take some better ones when i get some lights in it.

So on to the issues. Please let me know if I am better of starting a thread in the forum.

1 Cpu tempurature. Runs at about 30deg idle, but when running prime95 jumps instantly to 65ish for about 60 sec then steadily climbs to 90 where I shut it down. I tried re-seating the cooler and added washers behind the cooler bracket as a few people say that helps. Didn't do anything for me. How can I tell if the H100i is working? I only feel a slight vibration on the pump and I cant ever tell any difference in temperature between the 2 hoses. Maybe the pump is not working?

2 Video card screeches when under load. Read a lot about this on the 970's. Some say its the power supply, some say if you overclock it helps. some say to RMA it, others say there's nothing you can do. I don't mind the screeching too much as i wear headphones but worried it might be bad for the card.

Thanks for looking and any help is greatly appreciated. Criticism is welcome too.

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Some suggestions for your h00i problems:

  1. You said you "re-seated" the h100I pump? As in you took it off the processor and put it back on again? Did you you clean off and reapply new thermal paste after this? Once you break that seal/bond you have to reapply new paste. It's meant for a one time install. I've heard of people re-using and being ok but any serious builder will tell you that's a big no no.

  2. Install the corsair link usb cable from the pump to a usb header on the mobo. Then download corsair link software. This will tell you what speed the pump and fans are running and all of your temps.

Overall nice build and nice components. I just built a nearly identical setup. Keep an eye on that cx750m too, I started with one and the fan started making weird rattle/grinding noises and had to send it back rma. Replaced it with an HX850. Good luck with your cooling issue

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Coil whine is somewhat common with GTX970. Not much to to about it unless you feel comfortable applying your own silicone caulk to a few components, definitely warranty voiding.

Not seen any i7-4790k with temperature issues, but there might always be a first. Run CPU-Z to see what the voltage on the core is getting up to, if it is pushing higher then 1.3 you might need to set that manually.

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Thanks for the Reply. Do you have a link to instructions for caulking it? Probably wont do it but sounds interesting. I ran CPU-Z and voltage under load is 1.336. I think ASUS AI suite did and automatic overclock on it. I was playing around with stuff I didn't know enough about yet;). Any idea how to set all settings to default so i can start over? I can reset bios settings to default but i'm scared I'll mess up my raid setup.Had that happen on another computer.

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No links that I know of, but this is general practice in designing power circuits. You will see this in power supplies almost always.

A little bit of caulk or compound is used to hold components so they don't vibrate against their neighbors and/or create audible sound waves.

Most GPUs these days use solid chokes and coils, so they can't readily be tampered with, but a small dab where the casing meets the PCB might stop the noise, or where two components might be touching. Before that you should try and isolate the part that is making the noise. Lay your tower on its side and open it up. Run a gpu benchmark. You'll want to find a small wooden dowel rod (chopstick?) or any hard non-conductive material. With one end against your ear, touch it to the larger components on the GPU wherever possible.

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All kinds of settings in the Hero bios, not sure I can cover it that easily. There are plenty of guides online for ASUS z87 and z97 boards.

AI Overclock Tuner you probably want off. XMP profiles you probably want switched on for your memory.

I usually control CPU voltage and the multiplier completely manually and disable all power saving features, but that is up to you. The auto settings exist for a near guaranteed compatibility with any grade of chip. Auto-Adjust, Offset, should all be disabled. Probably want to turn LLC on at least to the first level.

I run 1.284 volts to achieve 4.3Ghz, but I have a fairly poor i7-4770k sample. Most people are able to get 4.5Ghz out of about 1.25 with the 4790k. That is just where you have to experiment.

If it isn't stable, increase the voltage and watch the temperature. When temperature becomes the limiting factor, reduce the voltage and back off on the frequency multiplier.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I took It off and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol. Re-installed it with Arctic MX-2 paste( Small pea size drop in the middle then tighten down evenly). At least I tried to do it right, hopefully I did.

Have the corsair link running and plugged in. It always says the pump is running at ~2248. Should i be able to hear/feel the pump running? and a difference in temperature between the hoses? I'll definitely keep an eye on the PSU. Thanks for the tip.

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The only time I've heard my pump run is during some kind benchmark run that stresses the cpu, like heaven, prime 95, firestrike, etc. and during that the fans should ramp up too. I haven't touched it at idle or touched the hoses. But i'm pretty sure mine never just stays solid around 2248 in corsair link especially at idle. I'd do a quick double check of all the connections and if all good then contact corsair. You might have a bad pump