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Not half bad

by bdaydog



Date Published

Dec. 29, 2017

Date Built

Nov. 19, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

4.6 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

20.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

70.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.955 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

11.4 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

25.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

65.0° C


It could use better cable management (especially since I got the 570x). It was first built a little over a year ago with an rx480, a tower cooler, a cheap case, a 1080p monitor, and a meh PSU, but has slowly evolved. A couple days ago I spent a few hours unbuilding the old one and rebuilding it into the 570x. Building in the 570x was a bit harder than I expected, and the front panel has been continuously giving me problems, as it seems the screws which keep the tempered glass on are not long enough to reach their threads. The HDD is currently not connected because I only had 1 straight SATA cable and an elbowed one would not work (used the straight one for the SSD.) I took a bunch of static safety precautions (working on hardwood floors with rubber soles and keeping myself grounded) but when I took off the protective screen on the glass panels there was so much static it zapped the case which made me jump and I threw the static(k?)y plastic right on my RAM. Oops. Somehow everything survived (I was really worried) and after the rebuild into the 570x it booted fine on its first try. Reasons for upgrades- I upgraded my keyboard and mousepad (which I forgot to mention earlier) for ergonomics- a large mousepad so I don't have to adjust it and a wrist rest on the keyboard. The monitor I upgraded because I had already gotten the 1080ti and wanted to see if it could do 1440p (it can, obviously) and it was almost 300$ off because of a 'minor cosmetic issue' which I still haven't found, so that's nice. I upgraded the PSU awhile ago because I wanted something fully modular and I already thought I might want a 1080ti, so 750w. The ti I got because I was at microcenter and it was just sitting there asking for it. AIO water cooler for thermals, of course. If, at the time I got the AIO, I had known I was going to get a 570x, I would have gone with the NZXT kraken x62 because of how nice it looks. Performance: I have the 6700k instead of 7700k or 8700k because of the fact that the latter two did not exist when I built this for the first time. That said, the 6700k is still a good match for anything. Along with a helping hand from the 1080ti, of course, this CPU could beat anything at 1080p, and holds up just as well at 1440, I guess since the GPU is taking more of the workload now. The only games that have given me some issues are PUBG and Planetside 2. They are both known for not having great optimization, though. CPU temps stay in upper 60s under load and I've seen them sit at around 18 idle (it gets cold in VA). GPU idles around 25 and gets to low 60s under load. However, I have yet to test these real-time in more demanding games like Destiny 2 because PrecisionX OC's OSD refuses to recognize these as games. Instead I turn on the hardware monitor, go somewhere where a lot of stuff is happening, let the system work for a few minutes, then quickly switch over to the hardware monitor to look at temps. Not very scientific, I know. I have the cpu overclocked to 4.6 GHz at 1.3? or so (let me check, sorry.) RAM is at 2666 with XMP. 120-144 fps in Destiny 2 with max settings at 1440p. Overall I have been very pleased with this build, even though I am nowhere near a master of aesthetics. It's been a rollercoaster though, with tons of odd issues I've had to fix, but at least those have helped me learn. Thanks for checking out my first build! Kind of also my second...

Part Reviews


Great CPU, no problems, can handle any game at 1080p or 1440p 144hz. Usually doesn't get very hot (unless you have a cramped case and a tower cooler like I used to).

CPU Cooler

Good cooler, nice coming from a Noctua NH-D9L (even though that's a good tower cooler). Pump cables are a tad stiff and awkward, and rubber sealing things feel a little flimsy, which is scary. I got this when it was a little cheaper on Amazon, a few months ago. Keeps temps down, and has a copper heatsink if you ever want to use conductonaut.

Thermal Compound

Haven't noticed a huge difference between this and the Thermaltake paste that came with my AIO cooler, but haven't tested scientifically and there could be a setting time even though they say there isn't. It's super tiny and the paste is sticky and stiff.


Pretty good mobo. Nice lights, a few issues with sound but nothing real. I/O panel feels a little flimsy, but very sturdy other than that. Minor bios issues, it would give me incredibly low sensitivity some times while in bios, but OCing hasn't been hard. Main issue: Not sure if it's the Mobo's fault, but sometimes downloads, (especially on ethernet) randomly throttle themselves. The network is clear and it could be using something like 90mbps, but instead uses 2mbps. It will randomly clear itself up after a minute or so, and then will often go back a minute or two later. This mostly happens on Steam downloads, so not sure what's causing it necessarily.


Should have perhaps gone for faster RAM, but it's still at 2666 with XMP, and that's kind of a sweet spot. 16 gigs would have been fine as well. I bought this when RAM wasn't so dang expensive.


Amazing SSD for the price. Has survived many a read/write cycle and performs very well. Might want to get more storage. Did have one scare where I was losing something like 10 GB a day and I was doing nothing. Turns out Trend Micro was gorging itself on my disk space and was taking up over 130GB of space and growing! What??! Trend Micro is no longer with us, R. I. P. Still not sure why it did that, but storage is now under control, and thanks to WinDirStat for letting me find out what was stealing all my storage. At one point, I was getting dangerously low (~60 GB left).


No issues, works like it should. I have half of it set up as extra storage for pics and stuff on windows and half of it runs Kali.

Video Card

Was disappointed at first, not seeing ~400$ in difference between this and my old RX480 on 1080p, but then realized you can only do so much on 1080p and went with 1440p, were this thing crushes just as easily. I haven't tested a 480 on 1440p, but I'm sure it wouldn't come close. The factory OC can almost hit 2GHz, and rarely gets above 70c with a spacier case. I OC'd it to just over 2GHZ and +400 or so on the mem clock, but have since removed that as it didn't do that much and some games do not like OCd GPUs. Looks pretty nice, too. Got it at microcenter for less than what it is now.


Pretty nice looking case. Very roomy and helps with thermals vs my old Thermaltake Versa n26 or something like that. The fans in the front, the PSU shroud and glass all look very nice. Not too sure about dust yet, but I should have positive airpressure (3x sp120 for intake and 2x Riing for exhaust), so it should be fine. 1 star off for probably faulty front panel. The panels should be easy to remove and put back on, but this front panel was very annoying. The magnetic dust filter tray behind it does not pop on very well and so it's difficult to screw in the front glass. Even when the filter is on, the screws are not long enough to reach their threads. Maybe another set of hands would help, haven't asked for help on that yet. In general, the panels are somewhat difficult to put on/take off without another set of hands. Not a portable case, obviously, and the grommets are nice, although all the cables which came with the case are hard to manage. Good case, but some seeming design flaws a little to large not to count against a 170$ case. Corsair link is great, too.

Wireless Network Adapter

Worth it. Until I get ethernet back in my basement, this is picking up wifi signal form upstair better than the TP-link I had inside my case. Have had one or two disconnects on the non-5G network but works great with 5Ghz. Ping sits around 7 usually. (Servers are nearby). Dowloads speeds are pretty close to ethernet.


wow. Can't speak to whether this is worth 600$, but I got it for almost 300$ off just because of some 'minor cosmetic issues'. I can't tell, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the screen and it looks amazing. The packaging was damaged, however, and bits of styrofoam were clinging to everything, but still definitely worth it. Stand is super deep and takes up a ton of space, and does feel a little flimsy (maybe just mine). Does have HDR, haven't really messed around with that much, though.


Nice keyboard. Wrist rest really helps, feels very nice, and typing is much nicer for me than it was with Cherry MX reds. Can't necessarily notice a difference with the 1.2mm vs 2mm in CSGO or anything, but feels nice. If you play piano and sometimes find you wrist hurting after playing piano and video games, this wrist rest can solve that! Just as long as you keep your wrists healthy during piano.


Had this mouse for a few years (3 or so). I always use the cable. Colors are nice, but have had a couple issues with it not working right in the middle of a game. It doesn't happen sporadically, it happens once a year or so and plagues me consistently for a day or two. Not sure if it's an issue with Synapse or the mouse itself. I have cleaned the laser sensor. It happens when I pick up the mouse a little and then put it back down. Usually works great, though.


Nice headphones, cushy ear thingies. Mic feels flimsy and have had a couple issues with people not being able to hear me for no good reason. Usually turning on receive boost in my onboard audio settings works, as does restarting the computer. Every once in awhile, some random staticky scratching, could be interference. Not sure if my issues are caused by the MOBO, windows, or synapse. Good sound usually.


Best mousepad I've ever had. Mouse glides super well, never have to adjust it, and never run out of space. I like the sewn edges, too. Design is nice, I suppose. Definitely worth 15-25$. Still a good deal at 30 compared to other mousepads at the same price. Stained a white wood desk a little yellow after a few days, so watch out for that. Smells/smelled like cigarettes and death just a little, so that and the stain are probably connected. Was kinda afraid to put my wrist on it for awhile because of the chemically smell and stain (no blood contamination for me). But many people don't get smelly ones and haven't heard of others having a staining issue. Now it's on a different desk and is going great.

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Bubi 2 Builds 1 point 10 months ago

I know that monitor has a backlit circle to the back, it does improve FPS? lol (the true question) do u see the light reflecting to the wall? Nice build btw!!!

GameLoky 1 point 2 months ago

Not half bad