Built 7 years ago. Amazingly, everything still works except the graphics card, which was replaced with an Asus 580 4GB only 6months ago. Decided I had to upgrade to play latest games. The case was amazing, I barely had to clean it out. It has dust filters at the bottom and 3 very large fans (I think they were 200mm). I had to change case because it is very large and heavy. It was a great pc that lasted a long time, I was able to play most games at decent graphics settings which is amazing considering how long pc's generally last.

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  • 3 months ago
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It's cool to see that it lasted you that long.

  • 3 months ago
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Thanks, yes I am pleased with it. It really struggled in games like No Man's sky, I would often get about 20-35fps, but some points it would go right down to 5 fps in some menu's (luckily not when I am running around), but it was due to not enough RAM I believe. Other games like CSGO and warframe it was perfectly fine; yes it couldn't run at highest settings but still medium settings and decent fps. I'm sure it would be able to play other games like fortnite and overwatch as they are similar graphic needs. Putting it up for sale as I'm sure a little kid would make use of it and hopefully give them just much fun as I had.