I wanted a gaming computer that could offer decent performance ,but only cost around 300$. It needed to handle BF3 and some of my other games atleast at medium settings. To score all these good deals I had to use ebay. I searched for weeks finding the best deals on the market. Using ebay I had 2 main goals 1 only buy new items and 2 only buy from reputable sellers to protect myself from being scammed.

CPU- Very satisfied maybe a little overkill ,but for the price not bad! It preforms very well and is ready to be overclocked right out of the box!

Motherboard- Great budget mobo comes with everything I need and no complaints!

Memory- I know people are going to comment about how 4GB isn't enough ,but honestly its all I need and for the price I'm even happier.

Storage- Not alot of storage ,but enough for OS and most of my games (BF3, CSGO, CIV 5 and so on)

Video Card- No problems preforms decent I would have got a 7770 or a 7790 but for 60$ I felt like this was a good deal.

Case- If there was anything I could change it would be this. Case is very small and hard to work with. It fits everything ,but very unconvenient future upgrades will be a pain. CASE DOES NOT ALLOW FOR GOOD CABLE MANAGEMENT :(

Power Supply- Good solid power supply! Most people go cheap on the psu ,but thats like giving a newborn my great grandpas heart. The PSU to me is very important and not something to cheap out on. So I looked for a 80+ Bronze PSU and got this for 37$.

Optical Drive- Got this at a garage sale for free. No problems works like it should.

OS- Not much to say here its windows and I had a copy of it already.

I will update with my Windows Score ,BF3 Benchmarks Tomorrow and Better/More Pics!


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Uh...not to offend you but..delete this because you have the same thing uploaded here. I think you uploaded the same thing twice.