First off, I would like to say, that the name, was just thought of. Ok, heres the main part now. I decided to build a computer, because i felt like i needed an upgrade. At first, i was just using a craptop that costed near $380, from ASUS. I felt like, I should get a better computer. So.. I did it! Before I start telling why I got these components, i would like to say, that every component I got, had a discount on them. It took me nearly 3 months, to get a discount on every single item. At the end, I can tell you, that I saved quite a lot though. Anyways, ill tell you why i got these particular components:

CPU: I got the intel core i5 4670k, because someone recommended me it. I obviously spent some time researching the processor, but I was mainly researching, if you need an i7 4770k for good performance. I later found out, that you only need the 4770k, if your gonna do photoshopping and such. I rarely do any photoshopping, so i decided that the 4670k was the way to go. Also, I got it for $200.48. What a steal! It was from newegg too, and not microcenter. Not to mention, I got 3 day shipping with it. It really would've been below $200, but, i wanted the 3 day shipping.

CPU Cooler: Some recommended me it. I researched, and it was pretty good. Some of you might say I shouldve got the corsair h80i. However, I decided to save myself a few bucks, and get the seidon. I looked at charts, and the h80i cooled the processor by only a 1 degree difference from the seidon, on average. I dont really care, about 1 degree.

Thermal Paste: I know usually stock add-ons aren't really great. I later then saw the Arctic Silver 5. I decided to get that.

Motherboard: Well, you'll see this again in the optical drive area, but, I hate it whenever you boot up your computer, it will say "Gigabyte, ASUS, ASRock, etc..". I'm the type of guy, that wants others to think that I made the computer, not ASUS or Gigabyte. So, I got a Maximus VI Hero. Sure, its made by ASUS, but no where, does it display that its from ASUS. It only says "Republic of Gamers". I was like, sweet! This was the perfect motherboard for me.

Memory: Someone recommended me the memory, so, I got that. I saw that G.Skill and Corsair are both really good, and g.skill is cheaper by about $30. The G.Skill was a good buy.

HDD: I got it, because Western Digital is a pretty popular hdd manufacturer. So, i decided to buy that.

SSD: I know Samsung is a good brand, and with an ssd, I can boot up windows 7 really quickly, so I decided to get their SSD. It was a decent price too!

Video Card: I originally wanted a Sapphire 7970 Dual-X, because there was a good deal, for $220. I obviously didn't know this was a good deal, until I researched, but by the time I realized this, it went out of stock x.x. I heard 280x is basically the same thing as a 7970, and since I found a sapphire 280x dual-x card, I decided to buy it. It was a good price, at near $275. --Fun Story: Ok, so, I added the 280x to my cart. Before buying, I thought researching the 280x would be a good idea. I then found out, it was. When i was done, the card got out of stock! But, since it was already in my cart, I checked to see if I could still order it. After i ordered, it said "Inventory Processing" for a long time. I thought I wouldn't be getting it. However, I checked the next day, and it said its about to be shipped :D. So, that was a lucky move xP.

Case: The NZXT Phantom 410 looked like a cool case. It had usb 3.0 ports too. It matched my style pretty well. So, I went ahead and bought it.

Case Fan: -Cooler Master Fans: - I got the cooler master fans, because it was LED. When I installed all my important fans, that i needed though, I realized I didn't have enough fan ports for the led fans. So, i was screwed there. Now, its just sitting on a table. -Fractal Design Fans: - I got these fans, because they're quiet, cheap, and good. I also needed another 140mm fan, because NZXT Phantom 410 only comes with one.

Power Supply: Someone recommended me it, so I decided to buy it. Unfortunately, after a month of purchase, I realized its not haswell certified, but newegg would not take it back, since I had it for over a month. I did not feel like buying a new PSU, so I just kept it. It still works fine though.

Optical Drive: I hate it, when I build a computer, and on the optical drive, it says ASUS, or, HP, or, LG, or, you get the point. The Lite-On doesn't display their company's name, which is something I like. Also, the reason why I don't like names being on the optical drive, is because other people will think ASUS, or HP, or someone made it. I want to take full credit!

Operating System: Windows 8 sucks. There was no way I was gonna get that. Windows 7 Home Premium is so much better, so I got windows 7 instead.

Monitor: Well, like stated before, i don't like it when a company's name is visible. However, everyone knows, that LG does not make computers. And, everyone know's, that LG is a good brand. So, I decided to get an LG Monitor.

DVI Cable: I got it, because it had a high rating. So, yea xP.

Keyboard: I wanted a gaming keyboard, but not for $50. So, I decided to just get a standard keyboard, for a cheap price. All gaming keyboards do, is just have an LED display, and a few profiles. Who honestly cares. I decided to save about $40 by doing this.

Anyways, that's all, please comment, and tell me what you think! :)

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And, I can tell for sure, you use a lot of commas (121 total). Lol but in all seriousness, great computer.

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WAIT WHAT you counted all commas??!

  • 76 months ago
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If you hit control f and type a comma it will bring up the total number the comma was used on the page.

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I ran out of places to plug in my fans also (the cords were just barely too short)... that problem can be solved by getting 1 of these: Silverstone CPF01 3.94" PWM Fan Splitter Cable. Search that on newegg, it is really inexpensive and works well. It enables you to plug 2 fans into 1 place on the board.

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We'll thought out build man! Love the maximus hero - the pcie slots are far apart so that if you ever want to add another 280 you'll have good airflow. Enjoy!

  • 76 months ago
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A bit messy but the build is solid. You could add some LED, even one, with a way to turn it on/off so you can light the interior of the case, given that you have a windowed side panel.