After years of buying pre-built crap I finally decided to build it on my own.

All the prices shown were the final purchase price with tax included. I paid 0 for shipping fees during this build.

I will primarily be using this build for Gaming but am also interested in some photo and video editing.


CPU: I took the 8350 as a suggestion from a friend. You just can't beat the price to performance ratio. It stays cool and runs well. Have it oc'd to 4.2 and could probably get it to 4.4 or 4.5 on air.

CPU Cooler: You don't really comprehend how massive this thing is until you open the box. It is an absolute beast. I had a hard time tightening the spring screws to the brackets but I figured it out after a while. (I just tilted the Heatsink a bit and tightened the screw slightly on that side and then I pushed down on the opposite side of the Heatsink and I was able to lock it up nice and tight) On a different note, one of the Phanteks' name plate fell off and I was unable to place it back on. It bothers me slightly but I can live with it.

Motherboard: I wanted a board with the option to either Crossfire or SLI If I decided to change my mind on my GPUs from Nvidia back to AMD and I have heard good things about the RoG series from ASUS. Also it is loaded with features and looks amazing. and sits comfortably at 25° C and maybe gets to 31° C if I am prime 95 blend testing

Memory: not much to say here the 16gbs are more then enough. might have been better off with 1600mhz or 1866mhz

Storage: The V300 is solid. The price for it was Great and I was lucky enough to get a 505 instead of the 506 which has been having issues. Not much to say about the HDD. It serves its purpose

Video Card: I was waiting for Non-ref 290s to be released, but then The prices went up and I decided to get The 780ti. Since a friend of mine owed me 300$ for a bet he had lost It just seemed better to get a sexier card with a reliable cooling solution then folding to get a Reference 290. Also getting it for only $399 Helped. Black Flag came Free with the 780 ti purchase. After playing around with the bios and the voltages I have got it currently at 1246 on the core clock without any artifacts or freezing while running benches. I might go higher just to find out what my max is but I am stable and happy at the moment .

Case: Fantastic. Everything fits with room to add more. I removed one of the cages for better airflow.

Case Fans: Not my best decision but they work well

Power Supply: Absolutely fantastic. Its got a CoolerMaster Body with a Seasonic Engine (based off of the KM3 I think) Fully modular for 79.99 with current prices in the 150s. This was probably my favorite deal of them all.

Optical Drive: I stream most of my movies/tv so there was really no need to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on an optical drive.

Operating System: Thank goodness for classic shell. Benchmarks


Since this was my first build there are are bound to be some missteps

1: I Tried to install the MB with out any standoffs in place. 2: The nameplate from the CPU cooler fell off. 3: I installed the Fans on the cooler backwards. 4: I installed all the case fans backwards as well. 5: I forgot to remove the plastic from the Heatsink when I first went to install the CPU cooler and ended up with thermal paste all over my hands. 6: I didn't take all my pictures properly and now someone is going to break there neck looking at some of them...


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Wait what... You couldn't have gotten a 780ti for 400... that's like.. impossible.

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I got it for 699 but only paid 399 since my friend paid me for the bet he lost

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Then you technically still payed 699 :p the 300 was your money aswell

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I like that thinking. Like a gift;-). Sweet using a780ti+1 give us some more pics!

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Defeated by technicalities once again =[

@Gooberdad, More pics added

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