My total cost was $520 not including the keyboard....Which as of now I'm really not using I'm typing this via RemoteDroid using an Old Galaxy Tab 7".

First impressions of the case were pretty good, except they really really make the wires way to long off of the front panel. I had to modify the plastic drive tray a bit you can see the USB 3.0 header cable barely clears the 2.5" SSD. The motherboard is a little big for a m-ATX but still works great and fits in nice.

Once I got everything in, I was able to clean the wires up a bit, and make things look a little nicer. I'm glad I went with a WD Green series HDD because I can see how anything else could get very hot in the hole that it rests in. I had put two case fans in it.. But they made it to loud to bear so I took them back out and Under-clocked the CPU a bit, the temps are at a steady 34 deg C.

I like that the Pioneer BD is fully black matches nicely.



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Are those pickled beet eggs in the background of the last pic?

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looks nice:-)

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Looks great. I am building almost the exact same build. Hows is running? Is underclocking necessary? Without underclocking would it get too hot?

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The gpu would have to come with a low profile bracket but I don't see why not.