I was so indecisive for months, so I had to make a decision and start buying parts one by one. My intention was building a pc that is a few years future-proof for 1080 max settings gaming that is also Virtual Reality ready, and is ready for a future 2nd GPU for Crossfire. So with that, I started with my first two purchases and built off that: The processor and GPU. I then started piecing the rest of it together by meticulously comparing prices for the rest of the components.

CPU- I wanted the newest gen processor "Skylake" that was VR worthy and overclockable (is that a word?)

Cooler: Didn't think I needed liquid cooling so i went with the no-brainer 212 EVO, because of its outstanding ratings and price.

GPU- I chose the minimum GPU (R9 390) required to run VR gaming (according to recommended Rift specs). I had to be extra careful when purchasing a case, because this thing is a monster in size. Be sure to read the specs on your case to see if it fits.

Motherboard- This was the absolute hardest part to choose mainly because I was phased by reading reviews about dead boards, non-user friendly BIOS, flimsy boards, etc. This is my first build so I had nothing to relate to. The Asus was hideous and the MSI was a little too pricey for me. The main specs I was looking for were: Overclocking, DDR4, Crossfire, USB 3 and 3.1, ATX, and aesthetically pleasing. I did have a small issue during the bios setup. My pc powered up, but there was no display. I immediately removed the gpu and tried to go with the onboard graphics, but i spent hours trying to fix it and clearing the CMOS. I reinstalled the GPU afterwards just to see if aything had changed. Sure enough, it powered up and displayed the bios. I think clearing the CMOS then instaling the GPU is what did it, but it works so I'm very happy.

RAM- I was looking for 16GB (4x4) that were DDR4 and over 2000 speed.

Storage- I almost went with the EVO 850, but for the price, I couldn't give up the HyperX Fury. Windows 10 is currently loaded on it, and I may throw some games on there as well. I was able to salvage a Barracuda 1TB 7200 from my old computer, so I'm using it for documents and photos. I also purchased a WD Blue 1TB 7200 for videos, games, and programs.

Case- After much consideration of different cases for different ATX's, I ended up going with the C70. As a first time builder and an AMMO Troop, this case fits all of my needs and desires. It is extremely sturdy, comes with screws for everything, has 3 fans pre-installed, is extremely spacious, and the cable management was very

OS- Went with Windows 10 just because it was free from 7. I guess I'll force myself to learn the ins and outs of a new OS!

Power Supply: I don't have any real need to go fully modular and pay extra. This power supply was perfect until I saw how much power 2 GPU will suck up. For now it's overkill, but for Crossfiring, my pc will use around 790 watts. I'll have over 50 watts of play, but I'll try it before I upgrade it. The quality of the power supply was super sturdy and very well made. Came with all types of cables, and it supports 4x 8 pin connectors for 2x r9 390 Nitros.

Wireless Network Adapter: Managed to salvage a PCI-e wireless network adapter from my old Gateway DX4860. I will be mostly be wire connected to the router, but I will be moving soon, so I need to be ready for anything ! Plus it's not going to hurt to have!

Monitor: "No Ragrets". This monitor is sleek, affordable, and crisp. Loving the curved screen!

Speakers: Awesome quality and have a decent punch of bass! Deinitely worth the money; had no need to get any fancier.



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Nice build !!! I aim for roughly the same gear, but you should consider 2x8gb of RAM instead of 4 stick of 4 as your Mobo benefit from dual channel memory architecture. So it's better to go with 2 stick and for future upgrade you would still have two empty slots.

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Thanks for the feedback! I chose to go with the 4x4 mainly because my friend suggested to go with it for the bandwidth. Also, it's more aesthetically pleasing with all 4 slots used. :] I'll post pics when I get them in!

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yeah with 4 sticks it'll be gorgeous. Just check when you have them installed if your pc can utilize 16gb or 8gb cuz ive seen some issues with 4 sticks on dual channel, maybe its unrelated to the number of sticks, not sure. Just hope you dont get problems with that. Anyway awesome rig, great piece choice you're certainly not going to be disapointed.

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There shouldn't be any issues, because the board can support 64gb. And thanks, man. I put a lot of consideration into each piece on this build. I will be purchasing another gpu when I move back to the states next month!