Using this as my first gaming PC. Eventually when I get into school it will also serve as my workstation as I learn how to program and render stuff. Nothing too fancy, not overclocking anything yet. The hinges on one side of the case did snap off under its own weight while it was hanging open on its side as I was putting the parts in. Also had to buy an extra sata cable. No problems otherwise. Will try to update as I try new things with the build and do benchmark runs.
Nothing as interesting as the really high end rigs on this site. Not a super low budget system. Got everything for about 1300$ CAN. The mouse, keyboard and headphones were x-mas presents.

UPDATE: Used Velcro stickies to keep my case closed while still being able to open it easily. Been using this thing for about a month now and it's working great! Already getting the upgrade itch though. Don't have the funds to do anything yet.


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