Built this to replace/upgrade from my Gespenst MkII-R ( Also because I might like building computers more than using them... Also because I wanted a stronger computer for game recording and video editing and youtube channel stuff blah blah blah. Also because I wanted a new powerful monitor and a computer to power it. Also because I had the money and staring at it sitting in my bank account is hard when I can afford a dream PC.


My initial worries with the build: 1. The cooler wouldn't fit/would hit up against that card thing on the motherboard. (It didn't) 2. That the GPU's backplate would interfere with the RAM slots (It doesn't, but I'd have to remove the GPU to unlock the RAM)

Changes I had to make, the original cooler I had, a Kraken x31, died shortly after I had it installed. So I put the stock cooler on, but the CPU got crazy hot, idling in the high 40s and getting upwards of a 100C when playing games. So i went out and bought the corsair case fans, CPU still too hot. So I ordered the Nepton, it didn't fit on the side panel because it wasn't designed to have a 140mm fan in the center slot where a 120mm fan can go (a 140mm fan could fit if CM had put the holes there). So I kinda worked with what I had, and put the corsair case fans on the Nepton (140mm cooler with 120mm fans, it has mounts for them) and attached it to the side panel in the middle and it fits and now the CPU runs nice and cool.


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damn dude, i cant believe you didnt get any comments. this build looks awesome. still worth more than mine with my 980ti. mini itx formfactor? interesting... kinda jelly. nice work!

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Surprised anyone even found it, thanks for the comment.

I'm already planning for my next build, those Phanteks Dual System chassis have me drooling.

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