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copper and blue themed ryzen build

by Ali3nDubst3p



Date Published

Dec. 30, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.95 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

40.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

70.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

2.167 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

4 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

35.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

88.0° C


well, took a lot of work finishing it. and i still want to do more. maybe water cooling next, but this cookie cutter ryzen pc is no longer cookie cutter. i picked up two rolls of vinyl stickers to use to add some much needed color to the build. All the monochrome pcs out there are way too boring, and non of the manufacturers for pretty much anything are willing to do anything other than black grey and white. Some color goes a long way to make computers look so much better. this build is pretty much finished now, i might do some custom water loop in the future. would be nice to use loop with a solid blue liquid but i would want to find a radiator that is bare copper. the black paint would go against the theme at this point.

the cpu and gpu i have spent a lot of time overclocking, both are using the maximum voltage i can push the gpu will occasionally freeze in some games (pretty sure its only hitting max heat though).

i have yet to start playing around with the ram frequency. not that i really need the extra performance as i am already gettign 90 fps in any of the games i play on a daily bassis. but maybe in the future i will get lucky with the ram and it will over clock well.

Part Reviews


amazing chip for the price. 6 cores 12 threads and over clocks to nearly 4ghz. there is nothing this cpu cant do well, not the best at anything but its nowhere near the price of anything that tries to be the best. this thing has no problems crushing games at 1080p(with help from my 1060) and would even be able to stream if my isp offered speeds fast enough to do so.


solid motherboard, has a nice array of features that i will love to upgrade to in the future including usb-c on the rear io, m.2 support and can support more ram and ssds should my 16 gb of ram not be enough or if i ever fill up my 1tb ssd. it over clocks about as well as any other b350 motherboard and mine has had no problems. one small minor complaint. there is an led on the front just to the right of the cpu, it is always on because it is the one that is supposed to show that there is power to the cpu or board or something. so you will always have a beedy red light shining from your build


yup, 16 gigs of ram, havent tried to overclock yet, probably should ryzen actually cares about ram clocks so maybe i will do this in the future


a bit pricy for me, and i probably should have waited till prices came down a bit, but oh well. it is much faster than the hdd that i had previously it should last for quite a while with it being such a high capacity drive. the professional logo/decal on the front makes this ssd blend in with the build much better than any of the other brand who all have flash logos and bright colors all over them.

Video Card

won the silicon lotery on this card. overclocks way past what any other 1060s i have seen be able to hit. got it on sale too. this card push 60-85 fps in nearly any game i throw at it using max details at 1080p. many of he slightly less demanding games i play can hit well over 100fps on max or some mix of settings depending on developers. the big limiter of this card is the 3gbs of ram, frame rates will drop hard if you want to play at higher resolutions.


love this case. the rock solid build quality and great cable management space is well appreciated. i just wish the colors were more customizable but i was able to do that myself with vinyl. although i haven't dine some water cooling in this case yet it looks like there will be plenty of room for a nice neat custom loop with a nice big read at the front

Power Supply

good cheap powersuply, as long as you arent using this with really power hungry parts like vega, 1080s, or some of the hedt cpus then this thing will be more than capable of handling your parts while staying rather quiet. also it is compatible with cablemods' custom cable kits. didnt use in this build but maybe i will pick some up later

Case Fan

not the quietest of the coolest, but its not too bad at either. plus it looks really dam sexy. although cam and he hue+ are not the best and there are almost always problems when i am putting the system back together.

Case Fan

not the quietest of the coolest, but its not too bad at either. plus it looks really dam sexy. although cam and he hue+ are not the best and there are almost always problems when i am putting the system back together.

Case Accessory

looks cool, wish it wasnt quite as tall, or atleast could handle more fans/strips/channels etc. also, it almost never just works first time, i always have to fiddle with all the cable and whatnot to get all the lights to work, but once it does its really nice, and looks awesome.

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texasmayne 4 Builds 2 points 14 months ago

the copper and blue flow so well together mate! Definitely feature material!!!

Ali3nDubst3p submitter 1 Build 1 point 14 months ago

thanks man. wanted my first truly custom build to be different from what everyone else has. a lot of the "different" build is see here and on YT are like 'i didn't do monochrome all black hardware, i did monochrome all white hardware with some rgb fans and stuff'. and my black case, black and grey mobo, and black and orange gpu were just not doing it for me.

MrJesse 1 Build 1 point 14 months ago


I got a question. Since you taped everything, won't components get very hot? Like the MOBO?

Ali3nDubst3p submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

nope. the only hot things on the mobo would be the vrm and chipset, which both have their heatsinks exposed, all i really covered was the bare pcb.