/?retr??byo?oSH?n/ Noun Punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved.

I deserve, all the money back from all the consoles.

Firstly, thank you all so much for helping me, on my first build. I couldn't have done it without you.

I started researching around January, trying to upgrade my GPU on my laptop! Now, that idea has evolved into a £441 computer.

This build will be mainly used for some light gaming, and homework :(


I started off choosing an i5 3570k. That idea was stupid, as I only had around £300 at the point of thinking of buying it. I then chose AMD over Intel, because of the cost. and the graphics. Originally, I was going for a 5800k but then the new Trinity APUs came out. So far, I am happy with the performance it gives.


After switching to AMD, this board seemed obvious. It had the latest chip-set (A85) it was also cheap. So far this motherboard has been great, but the screen if off center in the bios, like I still haven't installed the drivers, but I have!

Hard drive-----------------

This was the cheapest 1tb hard drive, I could afford, not much else to say. This performs well, nice boot speed and it doesn't rattle...


I really like this case, i'm glad I didn't receive the white or black. I like the gunmetal. Nice cable management.

Power Supply-------------

This was another no-brainer. Enough wattage allow some future upgrades. I wish I got modular now, but the case allowed me to do some nice cable management.

Windows 7----------------

I prefer Win7, over Win 8.


I got the 1866MHz because of the GPU boost in performance. Found it on eBay, will be getting another stick soon hopefully. As you may see, I have to use different RAM, as my first stick was DOA. My first DOA :'(

Future Upgrades:

More fans for the case, if you know an adapter so the light button on the front of the case will light up more than one fan. It looks like a two pin connection

A better CPU cooler, for overclocking.

A 7870/7850 for better gaming. I like the look of the XFX!

Thanks for looking at my build, if you have any questions, comment in the section below.


  • 77 months ago
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good build , 600w overkill but does keep you futureproof, nice case

  • 77 months ago
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Cool build and decent cable management :-)

  • 67 months ago
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Does the 4GB work fine for gaming (I want to play Minecraft) with your AMD A10 6800K?

  • 67 months ago
  • 1 point

I have found it okay for Vanilla minecraft, but playing FTB with mods, I have upgraded it to 8.

  • 62 months ago
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How was the length for the cable for your CPU and optical drive in this case?