I've been gaming on xbox for years now. I never really needed a gaming PC until now. My xbox account is automatically suspended every 2 weeks, even when I don't play. Most of my friends are moving to PC anyway.

 I mainly play esport titles like Overwatch and CS:GO, with some light older titles like Half Life and HL2, Garry's Mod, and Left 4 Dead. The heaviest thing I will play is GTAV. So I didn't need powerful hardware. Most of this stuff was bought used, except the case, the blue fan in the front, and any adapter.

 The build actually went really smooth for my first ever pc build. Only real issue was the stock cooler. The CPU was sitting at 77C Idle! It could browse the web just fine, but it would overheat while under any load. Even Half-Life would overheat the thing. So I ended up getting the Deepcool Gammaxx 400. I was going to get the Hyper 212 Evo, but I'm happy I didn't. The Gammaxx barely fits in the case, and the 212 is bigger. It also keeps the CPU at around 36C idle and 55C under load.

 I got the CPU, MB, RAM, and PSU from my friend. I had around $136 in gift cards that I was never gonna use. He accepted those for the first three parts I mentioned, so these components were basically free. Later on the 24pin connector on the PSU I was using (Cooler Master GX450) was becoming lose. And that same friend let me have this one in exchange for a bit of schoolwork.

 The R9 380 was the best thing I could get that wouldn't bottleneck the 860k. Otherwise I would have gone with a RX 570 for a couple bucks more. But this works perfectly fine for my use. Getting around 100fps on Overwatch max settings. Same with GTAV.

Now if there was one thing I would change, it would be the case. Airflow is extremely restricted on it. Removing the front panel drops cpu temps by 10c! The case came with 3 fans (one in the back and 2 in the front) so I needed one more to fill it. So I got that blue LED fan off Amazon for super cheap, but it looks super nice. Also, the blue theme in the build was just coincidental.

Part Reviews


If you can get this for around $50, it's amazing. It won't blow you away, but you will be able to play most games on med-high at 60fps.

CPU Cooler

Absolutely amazing for $25. Keeps my CPU at around 40c idle. A 30c drop from the stock cooler!


Everything is labeled, nice bios, plenty of options. Just wish it had more DIMM slots. 2 fan headers was a downside though, especially since one was in in the middle of the board.


Ram is ram. It works, and looks damn fine doing it too.


I works, boot times are less than 15sec, but it's just so loud. I can turn all my fans to 100% and stil hear this thing over everything else in my room.

Video Card

One of the most overlooked budget cards in 2019. Able to get 60fps on most games at 1080p med-high settings.


Looks nice, good cable management, 3 included fans (one with led 2 are normal). Has two blue led strips in the front. Has a nice PSU Shroud. And included zip ties. Front panel is a bit hard to take off for the first time. Materials are also a bit flimsy. The biggest downside is the horrible airflow. But overall a good budget case.

Power Supply

I am going to give this the title of my favorite budget psu on the market. All the necessary cables (including 1x 6+2pin which most cheaper psu's don't have). Only thing was I wish it was atleast 80+ Bronze Certified, not just 80+, but what do you expect for $25?


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Looks great!

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Thank you!

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What kind of monitor are you using? Is it 1080p?