Games at 5GHz 2070 super boost up to +105 on the core and +925 on the memory

I built this PC for someone ended up never getting it after waiting over a month with excuses.

So i have no choice but to sell it and try to recoup my money, everything was 2000 after tax I am asking 1750 with free shipping.

I was just gonna keep it but I don’t need multiple computers and I’m about to buy a car.

I have casual used it to play games Over the last few months but this thing is brand spanking new (if you really want to get into the specifics VERY slightly used lmao).

Can Handle anything you can throw at Serious Gaming, Content Creation, Encoding, Casual Computing

Please message me for information or offers.

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  • 1 month ago
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Not a major critique but why didn’t you buy a cheap win 10 pro from a site like scdkeys? You could save like 140 bucks.

  • 3 days ago
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Hey what's your contact info. I will have the money in a few months and I can contact you later