Meet Hades - God of the Underworld.

Most would assume the overseer of the damned would be menacing, fierce, intimidating to cast their gaze upon, but most have never met Hades. At least, not yet. Why would he ever show his true face outside of when he needs to?

Welcome to my dream PC. Well, the budget form of it anyway. A handful of parts are temporary and will be upgraded/swapped out later, but I just needed something that could actually handle stable framerates while gaming. And now that I've tested it out over the course of the day, I can say with certainty that it is a beast. A little lackluster on the external aesthetics, but I cannot complain too much as even the slight upgrade in aesthetic is a blessing compared to my old junker.

Gaming wise, it plays everything I've thrown at it so far with amazing framerates at max settings. For the lols I even decided to set off massive loads of TNT in Minecraft just to see the carnage and I love having a system that doesn't hardlock from it. Absolute 10/10.

I plan on doing some video recording, streaming and video editing over the next couple days and will update with the results of how those go (though I expect them to go well). I will also add more images when I get the chance.

Only thing I can say is I'm not too happy with the case. I would have gone with a different case if I could have, but I didn't have much budget leftover and it was the best I could get. The case was an absolute nightmare to work in, though it was partially my own fault for being a first time builder.

Update - 10/27/2019: Took a while cause I had some user error issues with the build and had to reinstall Windows, but it records, streams and renders videos like an absolute beast. By far the best computer I've had so far. Made all the better by the fact that it was my first ever full custom build, outside of borrowing a part from the first PC (pre-built) that I had owned to save a little bit of cash.

Part Reviews


It's an absolute beast of a CPU. Is it a more expensive than what you could buy from AMD and get similar performance? Sure, but you get absolutely what you paid for - AND more!

I haven't had any issues with mine yet but I also haven't overclocked it yet. I haven't seen a reason to yet, at least with the uses I have for it, but I will update my review when I get to the point of needing/wanting to overclock this CPU.

Here's to many many years with this CPU. Cheers!

CPU Cooler

Keeps my i7-9700K decently cooled with stock speeds. Very well built and seems pretty sturdy so far. The only complaints I have with this cooler, and the reason it's only 4 stars from me, is that the RGB lighting on the fan that comes with the cooler isn't quite as nice as it looks in the pictures on PCPartPicker and the various retailers offering it (could just be because of my Corsair Vengeance RGB ram overpowering it) and that it was actually fairly hard to install, requiring a lot of man handling for me to get it to properly feed the screws into the mounting bracket (however, this may just have been an issue on my end as a first time PC builder and aftermarket cooler installer). The sheets of metal are also very sharp on the edges, and I did cut myself quite a few times because of it in the process of installing, but this mostly just a possible beware for anyone looking to get this cooler themselves. Most of the cuts came from me not really being sure how to properly handle it as I was installing it and from removing and reinstalling the fan, so that's not a point against it from me.


Not too much to say about this board. I haven't tried overclocking with it yet, I'll do that later on and update my review in regards to that. However, I will say that, as nice as the board is, the user manual is a little unclear, being mostly just being pictures and arrows. It points out MOST of the headers on the board, while leaving a couple either unlabeled or just ignoring them completely, which may not be a problem if you're familiar with motherboard headers, but first time builders like myself will be confused about what these headers are for. As for the RGB lighting, your best bet is to just leave it on red, because other colors will appear washed out, de-saturated , not as bright and not all too much like the color you were wanting. Otherwise, it's a great board for what I needed it for.


Pictures don't do this ram's RGB any justice. It's a lot more breathtaking to see in person with your own eyes. My only complaint is that manually adjusting to certain colors on the ram isn't really that great because the way it does darker colors is by lowering the amount of light it puts out, which ultimately doesn't look all that great because then it's just the color but not as bright, with a bit of the grey-white of the diffuser mixed in. Otherwise, great ram and great customizability.


Got it for a little more than 20 bucks, but works fully as intended. I don't know how it compares to other SSDs in regards to speeds, but it's fast enough for me by just being noticeably faster than my HDD for loading the game that I have installed on it.


Absolutely blazing fast. Even faster than the other SSD I have installed in my system, but I guess that's the power of NVME over SATA! This is the storage device I use as my boot drive and let me tell you, it is glorious being able to install Windows (mostly, the parts that don't require user input) and be booted into your desktop in about the time it takes to get the mail. Windows updates and boot times are also speedy quick. Long gone are the days of waiting 30 minutes on the "Windows is Updating" and/or login screens!


I've been using this since I got it with my original pre-built desktop in 2016 (just a little over three years now) and have only just recently started to notice any issues with it. However, it's outlived my original expectations for it and so it's not lost any points for that. Reliable drive, even with the issues I'm currently having with it.

Video Card


This card is an absolute powerhouse. It definitely contends with my i7-7800K for being the metaphorical mitochondria of my PC build, but it definitely should be in that spot, given that it was the most expensive part of my build! I have not overclocked it at all and on stock speeds it runs everything I've thrown at it smooth as melted butter! I will update my review later on when, or rather if I ever, overclock it (like my CPU, I may not ever actually need to overclock it for my uses).


This was the only part of my build that I was not readily happy with. For the price, the case is alright, however the case I received had a LOT of problems and was a nightmare to work with.

I'll start with the good things about this case, in my experience:

• Decent cable management, leaving a fair bit of routing options to be desired.

• Decent air flow. I feel cold(er) air going in the side and front and hot air coming out the back.

• 3 included case fans, of which all are relatively quiet and the red lighting is pretty nice.

• PSU dust filter provided.

• Decent front panel IO. Layout is nice, power button LED doubles as a HDD activity light but is beautiful nonetheless. The power button also has a VERY satisfying click when it's pressed.

• Bottom mounted PSU. Not much else needs to be said about this, other than a PSU shroud would have been nice.

• Overall design is nice. Looks fairly modern in terms of aesthetics. The shape is nice and the accents are beautiful. Bonus points for proper built in legs, instead of rubber pads. Points taken off for the weird shaped acrylic window (because of the placement of the side fan) but also points added back in that it allows you to see all the important bits of the PC that would be potentially RGB (CPU cooler, RAM, etc.).

• Plenty of room for the parts I have installed. Double check to make absolute sure your parts will fit, because I do have some parts that almost didn't fit.

And now for the bad, in my experience:

• Because of the location of the single (PCPartPicker says two, but I could only find one) 2.5" and 3.5" bays, installing any SSDs and HDDs before routing any cables through the cable management areas is a must, which I didn't think about at first because I originally wasn't planning on having a 2.5" SDD and 3.5" HDD installed.

• I could NOT for the life of me get the IO shield to install into this case's IO shield slot fully. I installed it temporarily into another case just fine, but this one I could not get it to fully snap in, so one corner isn't fully installed. Hoping this won't be an issue.

• The PSU dust filter/cover is extremely noticeably cheap. I accidentally hit it on the table I was working on and now it's permanently bent and doesn't completely cover the PSU intake no matter how much I try to flex it back into being straight.

• The case came with four stand offs pre-installed and only two extra to install for MicroATX boards. Be wary of installing a full sized ATX board in this case. Also, the stand off holes that didn't have the pre-installed standoffs were NOT drilled right, or something, because unlike the other case I have experience with, I was not able to get even remotely close to finger tightening the standoffs. I could barely get a half turn in before I had to resort to using locking pliers and a lot of extra force to get the standoffs securely mounted into the case, which is uncalled for and very difficult for the standoff near the back of the case that required unlocking and relocking the pliers every half turn. On top of that, the provided screws were not labeled in any way and I had to reference my old PC and assume that it was the screws that looked similar to the ones used for mounting in that case. Some of the screws wouldn't even properly thread into the motherboard standoffs, so of the six required to properly mount my motherboard, only four are fully installed. Hoping that they will be able to support my motherboard and it's components until I can replace this case.

• It's 2019 and the front IO cables aren't color matching with the case. While it's not ketchup and mustard cables, which would have actually been preferred because of this colors of this case, they're an eyesore to look at. Thankfully, the design of the side panel blocks direct sight of the cables if you do like I did and run them through the back of the case and then use the passthrough holes below the motherboard (which would be blocked by a full sized ATX motherboard). However, doing this also makes it almost impossible to reach the appropriate headers for the USB 2.0 and front panel audio cables without finessing the cables. This is a problem running them through the front, but much more of a problem running them through the back.

I don't have 5.5" drives, so I can't comment on the quality or anything of those. Overall the case is...adequate. I wouldn't really recommend this case unless you're looking for a decent but truly budget oriented case that has a side panel, at least one USB 3.0 port on the front and has 3 case fans of decent quality, and that you may be okay with the case's mounting not being enough to support your system, potentially leading to your motherboard falling and potentially destroying your hardware.

Power Supply

Got it for around $91 on sale. Works absolute wonders. Not much to really say about it, other than it's going strong a few years later.

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  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Cool build! How much fps in Minecraft?

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Assuming Java Edition: * 300+ without Optifine installed and no resource packs * 400+ with Optifine installed, no resource packs or shaders * and wildly varying based on resource packs (usually little to no FPS change from just a resource pack) and shaders used.

But mileage varies because it depends on how much is going on in the world, what blocks are around, etc. and how lucky you are with the silicon lottery of the parts you receive. But these are the general frame rates I have been seeing through my Minecraft sessions.

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Have you overclocked on this mobo, if so how did you, I read it is not possible.

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

I have not, but I did take a look through the motherboard's bios when I was doing some testing. There does seem to be the ability to overclock, but it doesn't seem as straight forward as it is on other motherboards, like MSI boards. For that reason, I haven't bothered attempting to touch any of the settings that seem to suggest that there is the ability to overclock. I still don't have much of a reason to overclock, so I'm not too bothered by stock speeds at the moment.