With a lot of funding from both me and my parents I was able to build this PC, with the help of my father who has good experience with PCs. When first building we originally had a lesser case, graphics card, psu, storage and monitor and over the past 2 years I have been upgrading them along with my peripherals. Was great to build this.

Current todo list: Hyper 212X CPU Cooler
Possible: i7 4790k (or wait for a newer 1150 socket, honestly not sure if I want to upgrade CPU itself yet since the current one is holding up just fine and I can overclock it with a new cooler, using stock atm.)

Overall result:
Can handle a good amount of games at 4k60fps thanks to the beefy graphics card.
PSU was a little overkill, CPU holds up just fine.
Wanting to upgrade CPU cooler, just want to be wary of the installation process.
Case keeps everything cool, I try to ventilate the room as well I can to keep ambient temp low. GPU stays nice and cool thanks to the cooling on it.
Cable management on the exterior is messy but I never see many cables while gaming because of the 28" monitor. May be something I work on eventually but for now I want to keep everything nice and open for some flexibility.
I worked hard to keep the cables in the case pretty tidy with the resources I had. May get a longer CPU cable so I can hide it behind the cable management area so that everything is uniform.

More info:
GPU Runs at 1510MHz Core Clock, 8000MHz Memory Clock.
GPU Fans automatically turn off until the GPU hits anything above 55 degrees celsius. Feature comes with this GPU. With fans at 100% and GPU idle (manual override) the gpu stays at 25 degrees.
Perfect for watching videos, movies, making videos and playing games. Can support 4k well, and does perfectly fine in 1440p too. Can easily handle 1080p 144Hz, but I don't have a 144Hz monitor.

Would love some feedback from people :)


  • 45 months ago
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take more photos!

  • 45 months ago
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Will take some when I get home :) EDIT: Taken a few more :) I will take a picture with the side panel off when it next comes to me opening it up. I also included a pic of my terrible cable management which I want to improve as soon as these cable holders/ties and a proper extension lead arrives.

  • 42 months ago
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What's your physical support for the GPU??? I need one of those.

Btw I have the same Monitor, same card and it doesnt go 4k@60fps. Stop lyin'

  • 41 months ago
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It comes with the Zalman H1.

And it does play 4k60fps at high settings. Just turn off AA, play around with the settings. I never said it can hit max settings.