This (obviously) is a Home Theatre PC. Also used for ripping DVDs and Blu-rays and importing VHS via usb device. The DVB card is for DVR functionality from Freeview broadcast TV and radio. The i5 is for some light gaming relief. Runs Windows Media Centre, Plex, Headphones, Sonarr and Couch Potato. Files backed up using Backblaze.

Part Reviews


Plenty of grunt for transcoding and the extra cores to prevent stuttering if the machine is downloading, recording etc while you are trying to watch a movie and/or sream music. No overclock but can turbo boost to 3.9GHz if loaded. CPU also provides the graphics processing via the built-in GPU and at 1080p is entirely adequate.


Excellent, rock-solid as promised.


Comes with an 8GB SSD built in and over time learns which files you use the most to give quicker access. Good for an HTPC build as you save having two seperate drives. As it is over 3GB must initialise/format using GPT to access all the space in one partion. Quite noisy.


Nice looking case for under your TV, the DVD door cover makes it look very professional. No blinking HDD light to distract you :). LOADS of ventilation and the supplied (120mm) fans are really quiet. You could probably squish in 3 x HDD if you needed.

Power Supply

Slight overkill for my build but superb value for money. Fully modular meaning a really tidy case!

Operating System

This version gives you the option to purchase the upgrade to Windows Media Centre


Small and light but with full-sized keys. If you use the usb extender for the little wireless unit it gives enough range to use in the TV-room. Batteries last for ages even if you forget and leave it switched on all the time :) With hindsight I would have gone with a backlit keyboard though, so lose one star.


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