Hi this is my first build.I am using it on gaming,rendering.I built it last August.It is not anything special. :) I like overclocking and I overclocked it to 4.9Ghz on Thermalright Macho! i can hit 5Ghz but with good water cooling.I am going to upgrade cooler to hit 5Ghz with 1.48-1.50V. I will upload pics on 19.1.2014 PS:Sorry for my english.

CPU:I selected CPU to gaming and video editing.I wanted intel but CPUs like i5 3570K,4670K was too expensive for me. :( and I like overcloking and AMD is good at it.And I got stable 4.9ghz with air cooling :)It is a good CPU for this price and it is good in gaming.

MOBO:I wanted very good MSI Z87-G45 Gaming :3,because I am a big fan of MSI mobos.But intel CPUs were too expensive :(.And then I selected this one.It is a one of the best AM3+ mobos for this price.This MOBO have a very good performance and I am very happy with it.

GPU:The selection of gpu was not on me.I spent all my money to other components and i havent got money. The GPU was a birthday gift from my parents.It is old card but it is very powerful.I am a big battlefield 3 player and i got min.50fps max.77fps.Average is 65fps.It is very good performance for this card.

  • very nice performance
  • crossfire x
  • powerful etc5000rpm fan

  • 85 C under load

  • old
  • the fan under 100% load is very noisy.

RAM:G.Skill or Corsair,I finally selected Corsair because G.Skill was sold out.I selected 8GB Corsair Vengeance and i think it is a good RAM I am going to upgrade to 16GB.

HDD:Western Digital has got best quality :3.I bought caviar black (performance/price) and 1TB is for me good.

PSU:I am using 400W lol.I needed 800W for overclocking and dual gpu upgrade in future. :D

Case:I am not very happy with this case :( I thought it would be a good case but it has got only 3 fans and only 120mm water cooling.

But on first build it is good :)


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