CPU: i5 6000k - Great CPU for gaming, its was quiet cheap.

CPU Cooler: CM Nepton 240M - I chose this because I want to OC the cpu and this was excellent choice for most cheapest 240mm.

MotherBoard: Asus Maximus VIII Ranger - Amazing board for cheap price, Z170 chipset, great Overclocker and perfect for gaming, alot of features and looks amazing for balck/red theme.

Ram: Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB 2133Mhz - great ram, fast, cheap and one stick for future upgrade.

Storage: SanDisk 120GB SSD Z400 - great speed, mainly for just OS and main programs. Very Cheap. Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM - alot of storage for games, 7200rpm, very cheap.

Video Card: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X - Amazing card for amazing price, looks amazing compliments my black/red theme and just pure awesome.

Case: NZXT S340 Black/Red - Cheap beautiful case for Black/Red Theme, window to show of my parts and a psu cover.

PSU: SeaSonic 660W 80+Platinum Fully Modular - Modular, cant stand mustard and ketchop cables, enough watt for the system and high certification.

Part Reviews


Amazing cpu, have no complains

CPU Cooler

Good cooler, looks good but its very hard to bend the tubes


Awesome board, looks good, and have alot of features, no complains


Nice ram, nothing really to mention


Gets the job done. Fast, but my comlain is that i the screw holes are on the side of the sandisk sticker which kinda sucks because then you see the white information on the back


Nothing to complain, gets the job done

Video Card

AMAZING CARD!!! Looks just magnificent! Amazing performance! Amazing cooling! 10/5 even!


Cool case, looks good, has a side panel and has everything i need, kinda lacks red in the outside of it

Power Supply

High watt, high certification, fully modular, what do you need more?

Operating System

I mean, windows 10, nothing really to talk about, best OS yet

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  • 43 months ago
  • 2 points

great build well done!!

  • 43 months ago
  • 2 points

Very comfortable budget for a first build. As for the component choices, nicely done. Are there corners that could have been cut and areas that could have been more focused on? Of course but I honestly believe that you did what you did because you know what you need. +1

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

I got what I needed, I didnt cut corners at all.

  • 43 months ago
  • 2 points

Got my 1070 now I just have to buy a 20 core processor

[comment deleted]
  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

I need the 1070 just for the 8 gigs and I do game a lot quadros are fairly expensive and I feel I would kick myself when a consumer card may have been faster

  • 43 months ago
  • 2 points

I absolutely love the build. I am actually building something very similar to this. My build would be almost the exact same if I had the budget you had.

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

How does the gtx 1070 fit inside the case? Like is it a tight fit or is it plenty of space . I planning on getting that card and want to know how it fits inside.

  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

if you mean room from the side panel so yeah, 3 cm distance

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

Just so you know buddy, you forgot to take the protective plastic on that heat sink on the motherboard just behind your graphics card. I have the same motherboard and did the same initially!