CPU: I never regretted buying this R7 2700 over the i7 8700. I can stream and play games while only reaching 50% CPU usage on my old 1060 3gb gpu.

CPU Cooler: I WILL NEVER EVER BUY FROM COOLER MASTER AGAIN. I bought this last week and after setting up, the lights don't work! Pump is working but not a single light is on.

MOBO: I didn't invest on expensive MOBOs since I don't really do overclocking. All I needed was the m.2 slots and the good looks.

RAM: Vengeance RGB Pro works fine. The only downside is sometimes the lights don't sync with the software.

GPU: Coolest GPU design in the market. Works fine and temps are under 75 even at full load.

PC Case: Easiest case to build a PC with. You can achieve neat cable management with this case.

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