A high end gaming rig built for 1440p and VR.

I have excluded the prices for my peripherals from the build to keep the price of the computer (the only relevant info) displayed.

Standby temps are around 30 degrees Celsius in CPU and 35 degrees in the GPU. I have overclocked the i7 to 4.5GHz. Load temperatures reach around 65 degrees Celsius. Multiple virus scans running simultaneously while web browsing 2 tabs in chrome and using lightly using Microsoft excel is where I recorded this. Peak temperature was 71 degrees Celsius during this test, the tower cooler fans would rev accordingly.

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Wireless Network Adapter

Update: Gigabyte support was useless. Went through a couple of RMAs and eventually contacted by motherboard's manufacturer who then provided me software from intel (that wasn't included with the card) designed to make sure the wireless chipset was recognized in device manager. The card works fine now, although every so often it will fail like described in my old review.


This card does not appear to work with Windows 10 very well... I've gone through two of these so far and they both will either randomly fail to start (code 10 in device manager) on boot or spontaneously turn off and give an error in device manager while the computer is in use. I've tried multiple PCIE slots on my motherboard and the error still continued. I used the drivers included with the card as well as updated drivers from gigabyte as well as ones straight from Intel, who makes the chip.

However, Bluetooth works flawlessly since it's a USB header connection. Only the wifi is the problem part.

I will be trying to contact gigabyte support and see if I am doing something wrong. When it works it's a lovely card especially for the price. At the time I write this I have tried to use this card with both the Windows10 anniversary build and the build previous to that on my asus sabertooth z170s.


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+1 for Daft Punk mousepad

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There are a lot of stormtrooper builds, but this one is super clean and I like it.