This build has been kind of a mish mash of old parts and new. The system was originally a 1800X with a B350-f Motherboard, but never got to utilize the RAM properly and could only clock it to 2400mhz. This always bothered me with RAM capability and the 1st gen Ryzen processors. So, overtime I got all the other supporting parts and got to a phase where I just needed a new board for the PCI 4.0 and new CPU. Settled with the 3700x due to the value proposition vs. other chips and still wanted to stay 8c 16t.

The 3800x simply did not have the value as the 3700x, and I felt the 3900x simply was out of budget with keeping the CH8 motherboard and I did not like the other MB alternatives in Gigabyte and Asrock. That, and I am a huge Asus fan from start to finish. I believe they have always made a great product and have had their boards going way back to my days messing around in the old 6600 C2Q days.

The graphics card is probably one of the weakest parts of the whole build. But still very powerful to todays standards, I feel it fits nicely in this build still. Although I have not been a pro Gigabyte guy, it fit within the budget when I purchased it 10 months ago as an open box item for $100 off. Originally was going to be a RTX2060, I couldnt turn down the extra performance for only $40 more after the in house discount.

I like to keep things simple and clean, and I was able to do that with the Meshify C case. It has been an absolute beaut and pleasure to build a system in. Very nice cable management, PSU shroud and still having a spacious and open area to work in, I couldnt turn it down. I came from using a Carbide Air 540 from Corsair, which was a literal moving box that weighed 50lbs once all the gear was in, this was a nice change to goto such a small form factor from what I am used to. Other cases in the past have always been full towers (HAF-X).

Future upgrades will be: MVME PCI 4.0 M.2 Drive (Just because, I might as well having a x570 board right?) Another 16GB of FlareX RAM (For video rendering once i start creating content) NVidia RTX 3080 when they get released (very much depending on performance gains from the 2070 and price) Just a bunch of wants, not needs.

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i have a pretty similar setup: RTX 2070 Ryzen 3700x ML240L

What are the temps you are getting? Even when im in Idle im at around 40C and during heavy use it goes easily up to 85C.